Spectralayers 11 grace period?

In the announcement email from this morning it says that “With SpectraLayers 11 just around the corner, the free grace period has already begun. Learn more at our exclusive preview event!”.

Anyone knows how far back the free grace period goes? Does that mean that it starts today? It’s a bit confusing because it says “has already begun”, not “starts today”.

May 15th

You know that for certain? From someone at Steinberg, I mean?

Well, I purchased and activated Spectralayers Pro 10, full priced, on 5th of May because I needed it. This was a few days before the sale started.
I really hope this prediction is not true, this would make me (doubled) unhappy. Hope Steinberg could be generously extend the grace period to the few presale weeks.

Rob confirmed in the other thread and in the youtube event comments field


And if you buy SpectraLayers 10 at a 40% discount now, you will receive a free update to version 11 on its release!


What happens if you already have Spectralayers 10 Pro from a while ago.
Can I “upgrade / update” again at the current price for a current user 40.80 and have Spectralayers 11 Pro when it’s released.
Do I have to wait until Spectralayers 11 has Fully released, then wait until the next offer for upgrading has appeared in the store. When you will then get the update from Spectralayers 10 Pro option ?

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That is the point that makes me so frustrated since I paid the full price a few weeks ago and now cannot even take advanatage of the present offer to buy an upgrade.

Strange thing here, so I activated for the first time my SL pro 10 licence yesterday (purchased months ago but never downloaded till yesterday ) after seeing that the grace period started, but when I go to the Activation Manager application and check for the grace period, it states that no license is found to be applicable for the grace period. Hmm…

SL 11 has not even been released, so there is of course no message about the grace period.

The Preview Event is on 12th of June and the announcement mail clearly says the update will be there as soon as SL11 is available.

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You are probably right, that would make sense.

May 15 is the official start of the grace period. This means all activations of SpectraLayers 6 or later after May 14 are entitled to the free update to SpectraLayers 11.

[I initially wrote that May 16 was the start of the Grace Period. This was wrong. Sorry for the confusion!]


I bought mine and activated it the first day of the sale May 15th, so I hope the grace period starts on May 15th!


Any SALES personnel could maybe give an insight into my above query please.
I sent a ticket on Sunday 2nd asking the same thing - No answer yet.
Just if I could get an answer by Thursday 13th would be nice.

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There is No Sales personnel around Here, it is a User Forum.

Unfortunately, there is currently no offer for users of SpectraLayers Pro 10. As soon as SpectraLayers Pro 11 is available, the corresponding update will be the only option.

Given this discussion, I think it would be useful if someone from Steinberg gave some clarity on the possibilty of upgrading SL 10 > 11 using the 40% off upgrade price that is currently available from SL 9 > 10… afterall, if an upgrade from 9 > 10 will currently get the user to SL 11, then why wouldn’t buying an upgrade even tho one owns 10 result in an auto upgrade to 11…?

Without clarity prior to the current sale ending, Steinberg runs the risk of annoying some users - some of us who’ve been using their products since the begining…

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It already completely clear: every SL 10 license that was associated with a Steinberg ID on May 16 or later will be automatically upgraded to SL 11 as soon as it is available. So yes, buying SL 10 now will get you to SL 11 without additional costs.

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NO - it’s not completely clear. WIth the close tabs Steinberg has on their licensing, it is quite conceivable that attempting to upgrade SL 10 (purchased long ago) with an SL 10 upgrade today won’t work, therefore not allowing that upgrade to SL 11… Or maybe it will work, that’s why we need Stienberg to clarify.

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I think I’m understanding the question nickas is asking. I think they are asking if it is possible to RE-upgrade an existing activation of SL10 using the sale priced SL10 upgrade license and then qualify for the SL11 version (or just hold the upgrade until SL11 releases). Another way to ask the question is: Is it possible to purchase and apply an upgrade license to the same version of the program, (i.e., SL10 upgrade to an existing SL10 installation). This would be a way to get special grace period pricing on a SL11 upgrade for owners of SL10 who activated before the grace period started.