SpectraLayers 11 - NOW AVAILABLE!

Dear all,

It’s a great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of SpectraLayers 11, the biggest launch in product history! With new features in all areas of the application, ranging from Unmixing to Processing to User Interface, Editing, Automation and Visual Display, version 11 sets new Industry Standards in the areas of Unmixing, Spectral Audio Design and Spectral Repair.

TOP features:

Industry-leading Quality in Unmixing and Spectral Repair

  • Unmix Song AI for dramatically increasing the quality of unmixing entire songs
    New Voice/Instrument Unmixing functions including Multiple Voices, Lead/Background, Crowd Noise, Brass
  • AI-driven DeClipper and DeNoiser for dramatically improving the quality of recordings
  • M/S Unmixing for splitting Stereo and Multichannel audio files into discrete mid/side components

Dramatically improved Workflows and User Interface

  • New Modules Panel to accommodate the ever-increasing number of available processes
  • New Home Screen for quick access to recent files and further information
    Modules Chain for individual multi-process configurations across whole layers or selections
  • Batch Processing for exporting sophisticated Module chains, including Unmixing tasks

New Editing and Sound Refinement tools

  • Volume Envelope Automation is now available for the first time in SpectraLayers
  • Transient Pencil Tool for reconstruction of missing transients and applying creative Sound Design
  • Improved Multiple Layers Operations for editing and management for different layers at once
  • Time-Reverse Module for limitless Sound Design adventures

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All new SpectraLayers 11 features can be seen here:

Please find the SpectraLayers 11 new feature videos here:

Have fun with SpectraLayers 11!