SpectraLayers 11?

Will SpectraLayers 11 be released June 2024?
Any idea what may be included?
Love SpectraLayers and looking to see more of its potential.
Mostly interested in using SpectraLayers for composition and sound design.


Most likely June 2024 but we won’t know what’s in it until it’s released

coincidence: just a few minutes ago I finalized watching again your whole SL series. I like it a lot!


Much appreciated!

Where can I see this series please?

This is the playlist series @Knopf was referring to:

Hope it helps!


Many thanks!

There is so much AI stuff out there now. And I stumbled across the lalal… website, where the examples were very good. I think en terms on unmixing stuff, the result sounded cleaner that what Spectralayers can do today.

So my wish would be, that the AI algorithms would be even more improved, so SL still will be the best program for extracting audio material :slight_smile:


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@SLL Let’s just say, you won’t be disappointed :wink:


Does anyone know when there will be a discount on SL? Or when usually there is a discount on Steinberg products?

Where should I send my money :slight_smile:
I can’t wait…


It’s interesting how quickly stem separation and sound manipulation software is catching up on cell phones and tablets. I’ve not tried any myself yet but some of the reviews on Google Play store seem to be very positive. I can only imagine how much better Spectra layers 11 will be. :thinking::wink:

Plus Sl will (we all hope) rapidly advance with each new version.

In less than four years (ago), this demixing thing-via-presets has moved forward at lightspeed.

I’ve essentially been watching the RIAA etc responses as those associations are fa-reaking over all this yet they realize they’re powerless to stop the momentum.

Using lessons learned from the Napster peer-to-peer fiasco (and fiasco that certainly was), I notice RIAA etc are partnering with guys like Roland…as fast as they can. To what end, I’m not sure but I have some hunches regarding future-esq licensing for products.

These are exciting times for sure…I hope Spectralayers and Robin emerge as very very cutting-edge quality implementators of this technology for decades to come!

Technology that I thought (back there in 1966) would absolutely never exist :slight_smile:

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If I may, let’s not forget all the other fantastic features of SpectraLayers. I’ve been using it since version 3 and it seems all else has been almost forgotten since stem separation arrived on the scene!

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Trust the RIAA to pull another stunt like the widely reviled private copying levy placed on blank CDs many years ago. It was simply assumed anyone who bought a blank CD for music use intended only piracy. Forget musicians who used them for backups, demos and sales. We must train a keen eye on such exploitative schemes in regard to SL et al.

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It goes back further than that … blank cassette tapes.

But back on topic … I’d be more interested in what new or improved features are on track to be included in SL11 other than stem separation.

Indeed. I’d like to find improved noise and artifact reduction, improved frequency repair and enhancement, and a bunch of AI surprises.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of new things coming with SL11… Even more than SL10 was to SL9, and in a lot of different areas :slight_smile:


Not being facetious, I can hardly wait! Spectralayers is amazing already! Thanks Robin.


Can we hope for some improvement using the GPUs of Apple Silicon for acceleration?