SpectraLayers 6 Tutorials

Attn: Mr. Greg Ondo.

I’m not seeing any tutorials pertaining to the Steinberg version of this application. I will, however, go ahead and buy it in two weeks time, to benefit from the discount.

I hope, that by then, we will have some, so that we don’t have to sift through the old SoundForge way of doing things.

+1 for Tutorial videos but also just more videos in general showcasing ways that SpectraLayers 6 can be used :slight_smile:. I’ve never used an editor quite like this so I’d like to see reasons on why one would want to use this kind of visual editor versus a conventional one.



Jeeeez. How long does it take to get some decent examples of how to USE this thing for REAL work?

The thing has been out for several months now. Enough already!

… or a heads-up from the devs …

It’s coming; unfortunately everything slows down during the holiday season…

Which Holiday season?

I would think Mr. Lobel means the summer vacation season when everyone leaves to avoid the tourists! :smiley:

Sorry, right, I meant summer vacation :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Seriously, the lack of any serious tutorials is, at this point, veeeery worrying. Not to say it’s weird to say the least…

I’m not sure I find it worrying but it I think it indicates Steinberg’s (lack of) commitment to the product !

Maybe Steinberg is letting Robin do them himself.

This is the sort of product that needs good tutorials, given the very different nature of its approach.

Hi, we’re currently recruiting someone specifically to produce those tutorials. Stay tuned…

great news

Get Dan Worral!

… as long as his diction is as clear as Greg Ondo’s.

Ondo is great. Except that I wish he hadn’t done that Ferris Bueller movie.

Anyone? Anyone? :smiley:

Coming soon, I guess :smiley: A little patience doesn’t hurt.

The user interface of SpectraLayers Pro 6 has completely been redesigned to build on the original use of image editing software, and the result is a powerful, intuitive program that feels familiar right away.