SpectraLayers 7 Pro just crashed when create project (or open .wav)

I’ve tried four versions (7.0.0, 7.0.10, 7.0.20, 7.0.21) on Windows 7 and fresh Windows 10.
SpectraLayers crashes when opening wav or creating a new project.
Log sample attached.
In beginning and at the end of log:

1028 WARNING DX11 not supported, max supported version: 10.1
CRITICAL OpenGL initialization failed: valid: true GL version: 3 . 1

What can i do?

Well, according to the instruction manual, Spectralayers 7 doesn’t support Windows 7. It only supports Windows 10. So that could be a big hunk of your problem right there. Run a thorough uninstallation of SL7 with Geek or something similar, then reinstall it on Win 10 and see what happens.

I’m running Spectralayers 7 Pro on Win 10, and I’ve never had the program crash on me when opening a file.

im on win 10 and had an instance where sl7 would crash everytime on startup until i cleared the SL7 cache folder, there was something in there it didn’t like (only happened the once though) not had it happen since

As i wrote “and fresh Windows 10”.
With the same result. Screen of log was from Windows 10 actually. (“OS: Windows 10 …”)

(And. If product doesn’t support W7 why installer working fine and didn’t say anything about W7?)

do you run it with directx or openGL?

OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card (DirectX 11 recommended) (Windows only)

directx must work. it seems you have an old system, or EDIT: what are the specs?

it seems openGL has been turned on, but i thought spectralayers automatically detects and set. and i think it defaults to directx.

do you run it with directx or openGL?

Both. With the same results.

OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card (DirectX 11 recommended) (Windows only)

Recommended. But not required?
dxdiag said that installed DirectX 12
glview said OpenGL v. 3.1 (on Intel HD Grapics 3000)

it seems you have an old system, or EDIT: what are the specs?

Yep. I have not very young notebook. Intel i5-2430M, ram 8GB. But Windows 10 running well. And Requirements satisfied I guess.

yes openGL is 3.1, too low, it is processor from 2011.

strange, not strange, dxdiag only mention which version is installed; directx 12, does not mean that the GPU uses directx 12.

aha, i found this on a website:

“Even though it supports DirectX 11, the feature level is only 10_1, which can be problematic with many DirectX 11 & DirectX 12 titles”

that is the problem, and it is a laptop. by the way checked more websites, on the intel website i can’t find that easy the specs.

if you can open it, and there is room for a dedicated GPU, i think the proc can’t be changed, or can it? sometimes you can change the cpu…

but there is the problem it isn’t directx 11 and not openGL 3.3 or higher.

sht. Is this Video-Graphics or Audio software?

directx11 is for video and audio.
or better directx is for video and audio.

but it seems, strange that i can’t find it on the intel website, the real specs, but several websites give the same results, directx 10.1

strange how intel marked this, i have a laptop, why i still have it… for a purpose later… with a cpu also with hd 3000, but it has a dedicated graphics card. can still use it. beside the point.


yes but no info about directx and opengGL

o you edited your reply, i was very slow, also in my previous post.
there it is: directx 10.1…
nothing about openGL…

GPU-Z gives the right version of openGL.,

Supported and not (by GLView)


o yeh. i forgottt

the same.

so no solution, unless you can add a dedicated graphics card, but i think on that socket, 2th gen, all is hd 3000. so cpu? no, but i don’t know all sockets out of my head, and hd numbers, and openGL versions etc…

this a bummer…

openGL is a bit of strange thing, also backwards compatibilatiy can be problem. openGL isn’t easy, as you see. i am no dev. but i have read about, the problems with openGL, a dev must know how to use it correctly.
so that is why 3.3 = 70%. of possible “instructions” EDIT: and compatibality, in newer versions, things work differently. so… it is, in my layman’s opinion, a bit of a mess. but still a mess, you can handle. like the VST3 SDK of steinberg…

EDIT: i think directx 11 is stated as recommended, because it seems the default setting for spectralayers. “it” prefers directx11 (or higher), i guess…

thank you. sad, but ok.

This is not the solution especially when you use other programs that are affected by changing to open gl like video editing software . Staying away from spectral layers as it is not Relible. At this time may come back in the future when they fix it. Everything in my pc got Mest up even nuendo 11 !Rex is so much Reliable or at least usable in the same computer with out having to go tru all this Crap!

i don’t get this remark, maybe i understand it wrong. i use by the way direx-x, not open-gl for specralayers. openGL is per program. it does not interfere with other programs.

i think you can’t even disable openGL globally, without some deep diving…

so disabling openGL for spectralayers, does not affect other programs. by definition, so to say. it is not global system setting. it is per program.