Spectralayers 8 disappeared, replaced with spectralayers one

I’ve been a Cubase pro user for many years including the fabulous Cubase 12 pro. Recently I stumbled across a spectralayers video (by the fabulous Dom) and was really excited because I knew I had spectralayers 8 and had never opened it. When I opened it to try it out I was saddened to see it was not actually on there and I only had the crippled Spectralayers One included with Cubase pro 12.

Where did it come from where did it go? (something something cottoneye joe)

Any chance of a discount for Cubase pro users? Why ya gotta tease, Steinberg? :smiley:

Have you still got your dongle plugged in , is the licence there for Sl8 pro , Or have you activated it in the SAM ? i can’t remember which it is .

What version of SpectraLayers One do you have? You can see that in Help > About.
What I suspect is that you installed SpectraLayers One 9 that comes with Cubase 12. In that case, it’s normal that it launches with the One license and not the Pro 9 license (since you only have a Pro 8 license).

BTW to be clear, that video by Dom is about SpectraLayers Pro 10, not SpectraLayers Pro 8.

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Have you ever bought SpectraLayers? If not, then you only ever had a permanent licence for SpectraLayers One (originally version 8, but you are entitled to use 9 if you wish).

Some Cubase users thought they got a ‘free’ SpectraLayers Pro 8 when they were actually using up the balance of the 25-hour All Applications licence on their USB eLicenser.

There is no upgrade deal from SpectraLayers One (or a 25-hour All Applications licence) to SpectraLayers Elements or SpectraLayers Pro - you have to buy at full price.

@Robin_Lobel has stated elsewhere in the forums that SpectraLayers One 10 will not work with any current version of Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12, only with a future paid update.