SpectraLayers 8 Pro periodically does not open in SoundForge 15 Suite

I’ve been using SpectraLayers 8 Pro for a week, but noticed that it doesn’t open intermittently in SoundForge 15 Suite. It freezes and I have to close SoundForge and reopen it. It can be after 1 time, after 2 times, after 3 times.

eLicenser Control Center
SpectraLayers 8 Pro
SoudForge Pro 15 Suite 15.0.57 64-bit

This sounds like the problem may be on soundforge’s end. Have you also brought the problem/issue to magix as well? I would advise to submit a report simultaneously to both Magix and Steinberg to narrow down what exactly is causing the issue so the issue can be resolved.

Yes, I also sent a request to Magix support (Ticket # 2021081117002581)
Unfortunately, it is not possible to send a request to support Steinberg, because I need to write to the local distributor, so I wrote here.

Well in this case you are right to post here in the Steinberg forums (the main developer of Spectralayers is active in these forums). Also it would be helpful if you also include a video of exactly what happens and post it here, that way it is more helpful for the developer to reproduce the bug (that is if the problem is on Spectralayers end and not on Soundforge’s end)

Indeed a video would help. I’ll get in touch with the Magix team as well.

Hi Robin!

So, for 2 minutes I make all sorts of chaotic movements (in my work, of course, I don’t do that) - in order to catch the problem as soon as possible.

I noticed that the problem occurs when I open SoundForge again.

I also have Spectralayers Pro 7, but not installed right now. But with version 7, I did not notice any problems.


I can’t link to youtube, but the file is large