SpectraLayers 9

OK, Finally I have the PRO version. After an afternoon of annoying even agitation of not being able to get in contact with Steinberg via support I found this community.
It is totally unclear to me why there is now a third method to activate. It was already difficult, but this does not help at all.
Well I am glad that their programs are so good or otherwise I would have quit a long time ago.

i must admit; that it was for me never difficultā€¦
but i can imagine, that it can be difficult.

the new license method isnā€™t that clear, indeed. but it went flawless.

for Wavelab Pro 11.1, it seems not. i will go there, the forum, to ask, if it is a big problem, or only some users.

there is now a third method, becuase of the new licensing system, no eLicenser necessary for Pro 9ā€¦ or Cubase 12 Pro. or Wavelab Pro 11 (if it worksā€¦).

but you have still the dongle when you update, that can be confusing.

Steinberg, perhaps the page exists; needs to make the process better; or better guideā€¦

Well finally I managed. Wavelab 11.1 I had comparable problems. I have no dongle unless the USB eLicenser is a dongle?
The problem is that once you succeed you donā€™t remember exactly what you did as it becomes try and error. Compared to competitors this is really a complicated way of activationā€¦ To me it looks like a way that is for IT guys not for plain users.
Well I have vented my heart, back to normal untill the next update :slight_smile:

the USB eLicenser is the dongle, both names are used, the first is the official oneā€¦ or was it because, o wellā€¦

Wavelab 11.1 has still problems, it seems. was confirmed in the Wavelab forum. steinberg is working on it.

in that sense/way, SpectraLayers went smoothā€¦

when Cubase 12 came, well it was quite problematic, if i remember correctly.

the problem is of course the new licensing system. the transition, that is always difficult.

could it be handled better? i think so, but perhaps, wellā€¦

i am not an IT guy, but have some programming skills, that i donā€™t use anymoreā€¦

well some developers have much stranger activation proceduresā€¦

o well, i can fully understand you need to vent itā€¦ i would too, or i do sometimesā€¦ when i run into bugsā€¦ that areā€¦ wellā€¦ or sometimes strange procedures.

at some point, it will be easierā€¦

back to; the great world of spectral editing! (and i wish Wavelab had also previewsā€¦ for processesā€¦ but in a way it is handled in another, i think, or i doā€¦)

Grace Period updates when the product is moving from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing are a bit of a mess. Fortunately, this situation will soon be behind us once everything is on Steinberg Licensing.

The official route to trigger a Grace Period check is:

  • Open Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Click the ā€˜personā€™ icon in the top right of the window
  • Choose ā€œGrace Period Checkā€¦ā€ from the menu and follow the prompts
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