SpectraLayers 9

already visible in the download assistant, but not yet at the website, or the shop…

well an impatient post. i concur.

Bought it. Paid for it. Downloaded and installed it.
Opened it: it is called SpectraLayers One ?!?
F1 goes to SpectraLayers One Manuals. But SpectraLayers Pro does exist too.
What did I buy? What did I install? What am I looking at?

Last step: Activate in the activation manager: Looks OK now. Glad.


indeed, it was easy, the first time with the new license system.

indeed? for me…

the activation manager i first logged in, why? perhaps i good idea, or not.

second (or first step:) copy & paste downloadcode in the Steinberg Download Assistent.

download and install SpectraLayers 9 (Pro or Elements)

and after that step, activate in the activation manager…

it worked… now, with a great improvements in worflow, gonna go spectral today, well almost everyday it seems…

Just using it now, love being able to preview individual unmix stems - really useful, this looks great :slight_smile:

also preview of unmix components and levels - and you can switch the preview between (transient / tonal / noise) in real time as the track is playing. (also works for unmix stems). and also unmix levels too.

We’ll see…

I’ll have to see an end to synching problems and the implementation of real-time review capability for ALL of my VST plugs before I’ll even consider upgrading from SL8 Pro. I’ll wait for user reports.

SL 9 Manual is a joy to read on.

@anon4 even though it’s not explicitly mentioned in the new features, a lot of work has been done in the VST3 area. And it benefits from dynamic preview as well, as can be seen in that video: Workflow and Speed Improvements | New Features in SpectraLayers 9 - YouTube


I purchased SL8 pro just over 4 months ago. Am I entitled to a free upgrade to 9?

I’m in the same boat. Have SL8 Pro update not activated (still using SL7 pro) , but grace period hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, like it was done on N12 for example.

the grace period is always a bit of strange subject…

but for instance for Cubase Artist/Pro, it was (and still is) at the moment of activation, you get the latest version, i.e. the version at the moment of activation.

the grace period is when buy a version before a new one comes.

but this worked for cubase, and seems it still works. can’t garantue, that it works for spectralayers…

but it seems so…

Yeah, it would have been nice to get at least a official confirmation from either steinberg or Robin, regarding this matter.

There has to be some sort of grace period. For example, for people who bought SL8 Pro last week. My question is whether the grace period includes late February and, if so, how do I take advantage of it.

I bought SL 8 less than 2 weeks ago and was told that I qualified for the GP. I opened the eLicenser Control Center this morning (following the announcement) and hit repair. It changed SL 8 to Grace Period status. What followed was an overly convoluted exercise in logging into my account (via web browser), redeeming the GP voucher, opening the eCC again to authorize SL 9. Then I had to convert it to the Steinberg Activation Manager to move the license from eLicenser to the SAM.

It all worked, but was a lot of hoops to jump through.

Strangely, there was nothing from Steinberg about redeeming my GP. It was all a bit hunt and peck mixed with trial and error. As much money as I’ve invested in their products, they could be better with communication.


Alright, thanks. Since I received no notification and “repair” is greyed out in the LCC, it’s a pretty safe bet February is outside the grace period. Which I expected. Would be nice if it had been stated from the getgo.

Graceperiod seems to be working. SL9 Pro installed and activated :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, but when I add the activation code I get a message that there is nothing to activate. The license shows that I have one for a full upgrade of v8 to v9.

how did you try to activate it?

you recieve a Download Access Code, that you must enter in the Steinberg Download Assistent.

and because, well, why is not important. you must manually activate it in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

not via the eLicenser (but maybe i misunderstood…)

Well I think I did it all by the book, otherwise it would not download the software. But I must admit that I always have problems when I do an update with one of these programs of Steinberg.