SpectraLayers and keyboard clicks

Hi, I was hoping the synth keyboard clicks caught on the vocal mic might be mainly limited to one frequency and relatively easily and transparently addressed/removed with SpectraLayers, but when i recorded the clicks alone i see their frequency is all over the spectrum.

I might trial SpectraLayers 9 and see if i can define the clicks as “background noise” to be subtracted from the overall signal, but i have a gut feeling it will mess with the vocals too much …

Anybody with thoughts or experience on this sort of thing?


Can you post a screenshot of those clicks in SpectraLayers ?

Hi @Robin_Lobel !

So sorry for the delay, could not get to Cubase for a while (day job, #eyeroll!)

Here it is. To the left is a little of the vocal with the keyboard being used, and the rest is keyboard sounds only.

Thanks for any thoughts!

It sounds like (well, it LOOKS like) that could easily be denoised.

What happens when you select the majority of the clicking noise using the time selection tool and use the “de-noiser” process?

Thanks, @Joey_Kapish !

I am absolutely just beginning to learn to use SpectraLayers … so please forgive the basic questions here, I watched a few youtube vids to get to this point :slight_smile:

Are you suggesting:

  1. I use the Time Range Selection Tool to select full-spectrum keyboard click noise (i.e., where there aren’t vocals),
  2. Then use the “Process > Noise Reduction > Register Noise”
  3. Then use the same Time Range Selection Tool to select the full spectrum portion of the track where the vocals and keyboard clicks are playing together, then apply “Process > Noise Reduction > Noise Reduction > OK” … adjusting the Reduction Ratio percentage to get the best balance between synth key click reduction and vocal quality?

Or are you suggesting something else, maybe using the Process > Voice Denoiser or something else?

Thank you for your time!

Did you try the Click Repair process ? And the Voice Denoiser process ?

Thanks again, @Robin_Lobel !

To clarify, and apologies if none needed … it’s the keyboard clicks within my vocals I’d like to go away … the keyboard sounds between vocals is not a challenge to deal with.

Thank you for highlighting the different options I can try!

I’m guessing others have been faced with synth keyboard clicks detracting from vocals. I was just wondering if there was a generally accepted way to start fixing that.

Or maybe every case is different, and there’s no advantage to starting with one method than the other …

Thank you all for your time in helping here! :slight_smile:

Just checking back to see if anyone has had to address synth keyboard clicks being audible when the vocalist is playing and singing at the same time?

I’m a newbie with SpectraLayers … any suggestions on how to use the Click Repair Process and Voice Denoiser process to do this task would be gratefully received :slight_smile:

Thank you!

PS: For what it’s worth, I’ve done searches as well, but I didn’t see topics like “synth keyboard clicks being audible when the vocalist is playing and singing at the same time” in SpectraLayers youtubes I’ve watched. The solution may have been addressed when discussing similar problems, but unfortunately I didn’t identify it as such … :frowning: