SpectraLayers + ARA noob

OK, I finally decided to try the demo for SpectraLayers Pro 7. This is also my first introduction to anything using ARA.

Here are a few questions (I’m sure more will come.lol)

  1. Once I’ve processed the audio file, it seems I can no longer use any kind of clip/event gain, fades have zero effect, DOP is greyed out, etc. The only way to get that functionality back (that I’ve found) is to run the ‘bounce selection’ command. However, this now means that I can no longer ‘go back’ to the SpectraLayers window and make further adjustments.

  2. Is there a way to run the SpectraLayers transport, but not Nuendos transport? For example, I’ve got a clip selected, and opened in SpectraLayers in the lower zone in Nuendo. If I hit the spacebar to play, it plays the Nuendo timeline and I hear all the tracks. But I only want to hear the file I’m working on. For now, I’m just soloing that track in Nuendo, but maybe there’s a better way?

  3. Here’s a possible bug. If I open an event from the Nuendo timeline in SpectraLayers using ARA, and I process the file…, if I then go to a different track version on that same track, so I can A/B, and then go back to the track version that should have the SpectraLayered processed file, that processing is gone. I have to re-do it. Also, what ever ‘view’ I’ve selected for how the spectrogram is displayed gets lost and it resets to default values. So far after playing with this for a short while, it seems the best practice is similar to RX, in that you need to bounce your file down in order for the changes to ‘stick’, and to use functions like ‘clip/event gain’, draw fades, use DOP, etc. Maybe I’m missing something though…, as stated I’m a noob with this ARA stuff.

  4. How do I listen to the noise and/or clicks that SL is going to remove? For example, when denoising how do I listen to ‘just’ the noise… or when removing clicks how do I listen to only the clicks? I’m hoping there’s something similar to RX’s ‘output noise only’ feature. Not only is this (IMO) indispensable when processing dialogue, but it’s also an amazing sound design tool.

  5. Is it possible to set up a shortcut key to open a file using the ‘extensions --> SpectraLayers’ option? Not seeing anything in the key commands list, but it’s quite possible I’m missing it somewhere.

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Hi benmrx,

  1. Looks like this has been much improved in the upcoming Cubase/Nuendo 11 - I can define gain and fades and hear them

  2. Yes, use the Playback tool in SpectraLayers (at the bottom of the tools list, it looks like a speaker icon). NB: you can quickly summon this tool by holding the CTRL (Windows) / CMD (Mac) key and click and hold in the spectrogram, without leaving your active tool. Or you can also double-click SpectraLayers’ timeline.

  3. I’m not sure how to do this, but if you give me a step by step I can check if it has been improved in Cubase/Nuendo 11.

  4. In the Noise Reduction dialog, change Reduce Noise to Reduce Signal and click Preview. In the Click Repair dialog, change Reduce Clicks to Reduce Signal and click Preview.

  5. Not sure about this. I see that in Cubase/Nuendo 11 new quick actions have been added to assign SL to clips.

i think is this the first time that someone talks about features for a new version of cubase?

but for people who have no intention to update to 11, or want to wait (because, cubase is the daw, i have more, but cubase, yes, but buy an update after a few months… because of, we all know it), the ARA problems will not be solved in 10.5??

I’ve heard a patch is also coming for Cubase 10.5 to address some ARA issues, but I don’t know the extent of the fixes and improvements.

ok, it was my guess too, even when 11 comes, there is always a latest patch. thanks for the info!
i will go to 11 if it is very tempting, but i will wait, even when it is very tempting. not update immediately…

i am using spectralayers pro 7 for the first time really as ARA, in a project, that needs it.

as a sounddesign tool, i use it mostly…

so i must learn it in cubase, now… :smiley:

  1. This would be key for me. And just to confirm, you’re talking about being able to define clip/event gain and fades in the NUENDO timeline correct? Not talking about volume automation but specifically the command ‘increment event volume’ and ‘decrement event volume’. For example, currently before opening anything in SL, my practice is to remove any fades, then process with SL, then bounce to a new file, and then redo my original fades.

  2. Perfect! Thank you.

  3. Start a Nuendo project. Drag an audio file onto a track. Copy that file to a new ‘track version’ in Nuendo (faciliities for this are in the inspector for the channel), now go back to the original track version and apply SL, do some processing etc. Now go to the new track version you created earlier to take a listen. Now go back to the first track version which should have the SL processing and notice that all SL processing is gone.

  4. Perfect! Thank you.

  5. Great!! Thank you.

  1. Correct, I’m talking about the event gain and fades in Nuendo’s timeline, using the fade controls on the left and right side of each clip/event, and the volume line at the top of each clip/event (which is also controlled by increment/decrement event volume). Works as expected in Cubase/Nuendo 11.

  2. Indeed, no improvements there. I’ll get in touch with the Cubase/Nuendo team about that.

Thanks Robin