Spectralayers ARA vanished with Cubase Pro 11.040

Upgraded Cubase Pro 11 to 11.040 and Spectralayers no longer visible in ARA extensions. Anybody else the same?

Ok, I seem to have fixed it. I looked for Spectralayers inside the Steinberg folder. Found a vst3 plugin inside there and copied it to the Program files/common files/vst3 folder. On starting Cubase it found the ARA Spectralayers Pro. Obviously, this shouldn’t be happening so something is wrong with the Cubase update.

Same here… I can find it in my Vst3 folder, but it will not show… Not in the menu, not in the extentions column in the info line… Hmmm?

I don’t know if Cubase is moving files with this update, but you can still uninstall/reinstall SpectraLayers. Your settings will be kept.

Je viens de faire la mise à jour sous Win10 et SL Pro 8, pas de problème constaté. Les commandes extension ARA pour SL PRO8 fonctionnent parfaitement. A noter que tous mes programmes sont installés sous C: