SpectraLayers Cache

Been using CB 12 less than a month. Noticed my SSD filling quickly after using SL. Drive search revealed 65Gig of SL cache files I manually erased. Question: Is there any other way to erase SL cache files?

Are you referring to the folder mentioned in SpectraLayers Preferences > System > Cache Path?

If so, there’s an additional setting there to tell SpectraLayers how frequently to clean up that cache: System Preferences

NB: Except when SpectraLayers crashes, this cache is supposed to be automatically cleaned up each time SpectraLayers closes.

You may however be referring to a different cache folder handled by Cubase.

Not to hijack this topic - but, is it safe to delete the cache folders for earlier versions of SLP? I am on 10 and have uninstalled SLP 7, 8 and 9. Their cache folders are still there though, and one of them contains 1,2 GB of files. I’d like to delete it, but need to know that it won’t have any negative consequences first.



Feel free to delete any SL cache folder. Those are only used during active SL sessions - so as long as you don’t delete a SL10 cache folder while using SL10, all good.

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