Spectralayers disabled to use on Cubase Pro 11

Hi. I downloaded and activated a trial mode of Spectralayers 9. When I am on Cubase 11 Pro, I select the audio clip that I want to edit, I reach for the Spectralayers icon at the Extensions submenu on Audio menu, but the icon is grey and not active to click on. I was thinking to buy it but when I went to submit a ticket on MySteinberg, it won’t even direct me to a valid page where I can describe my problem and submit a ticket. Thankful for anyone who might have had the same issue.

Hi, can you check the following points:
-when you launch SpectraLayers as a standalone application, does it work ? can you open an audio file ?
-can you see the SpectraLayers.vst3 file in the usual VST3 folder ?
-If you reinstall SpectraLayers, does it fix the issue ?