SpectraLayers edits and saving

Hi ;
I have been trying to use SpectraLayers to get rid of some clicks caused by the pick hitting the guitar body. I can identify them and then I cut to a new layer and reduce the volume or presence of them. Then I go to the next one and follow the same process so I end up with quite a few cuts and events. That seems fine but when I either save or make permanent and reopen or play the project I get these really awful clack sound at each edit that are far worse than the original click sound.
I am not sure if I am actually doing this the right so would appreciate any input on the method I am using. I can’t seem to find explicit documentation.
I also tried Process-Click- Repair but don’t seem to get anywhere with that either.
Big learning curve over here so thanks in advance.

This doesn’t make any sense. If audio plays fine (when you save the project) and then playback of audio is noticeably different the next time you reopen that same project, then this sounds like an issue with your soundcard.

Can you screen-record your problem and post the video here (OBS is free).

Thanks for the reply. I think I have resolved it. I didn’t realize I could just process the whole track at once. I was trying to do each click individually by making a rectangular selection then moving to the next one. I was up late last night working on it and just processed click repair on the whole file and it seems to have worked. a newbie problem and I am certain I will have more as I get up to speed on everything this program is capable of… I on the other hand am not there yet it seems.

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