Spectralayers inside the DAW

Hi, i have tried everything that I know to try and resolve this issue, for the life of me I cannot get SL 9 to show up in CB12, I am aware that it is a VST3 and have copied and paste and rescanned the plugin manager and added folders as best i can, but it refuses to show up, any advice would be appreciated
thank you
EDIT: iI forgot to mention it shows up on the desktop as a standalone, but will not show in the DAW, WIN 11

You can’t load SpecraLayers as an insert or an instrument because it’s an ARA (a kind of extended VST3) plugin. Instead, it’s loaded as an extension via the inspector of an audio track. SpectraLayers will then appear in the lower zone of that track replacing the default sample editor.

See here for more information:

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Have you check the documentation on how to use SpectraLayers as an ARA extension within Cubase ? Steinberg Cubase

You can also see a couple videos here: ARA2 Plugin

Thank you, I understand most of what your reply is, but what I mean is in the audio/extensions/sl it is grayed out even when an audio track is selected :frowning:

It’s not an audio track but an audio event that you have to select to apply Audio > Extension.
Or if you really want to apply SpectraLayers to a whole track, you can go to Inspector > Extension.

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Yes thank you both, I understand now, I thought it was a instrument or an insert, got it working now, thank you :slight_smile: