Spectralayers Integration?

I wanna revive the following discussion: WL & Spectral Layers Integration? - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums

Background: I bought SLP6 and frankly struggled to find a use for it. I found it clunky. I have installed the SLP7 demo and it strikes me as =much= more useful. But I think my =primary= use case would be if I could use it non-destructively in WL. IOW, if I could use it to make surgical edits to various Clips in a Montage but with the ability to serially undo.

I guess what I’m asking for is ARA Client? Or is there some other mechanism that might make this possible?

If the only way I could use SLP7 is as an External Editor it makes it far less interesting. But if I could make edits to the Clips in the Montage, knowing that I could keep all those edits undoable (just like any other WL edit) that would be truly wonderful for me.

Doable now? In the future?



It’s already possible to use SpectraLayers in WaveLab 10 for what you want. Check the option “External Editor” in WaveLab (both for the audio file and montage editors).

Hi PG.

1, Isn’t this editing destructive?

  1. If not, are edits part of the Undo History? ie. can I do several edits in SpectraLayers and undo/redo like any other operation?

This is not destructive. The original file is not modified it unless you explicitly save it in WaveLab. What you save from SpectraLayers is not altering the original audio file, when you call SpectraLayers from WaveLab. This is because WaveLab copies the audio sample to a temporary audio file. This is what SpectraLayers do.

can I do several edits in SpectraLayers and undo/redo like any other operation?

Maybe, please try.

Will do. I know WL uses temp files. I just didn’t know if it had a robust system for multiple edit undo/redo. That would be the dream.

Back after some testing. :slight_smile:

Note that WaveLab is updated when Saving is called from SpectraLayers. Just undo/redo from SpectraLayers won’t update WaveLab.

If WaveLab had a true playlist feature it would feel even less destructive and be easier to get back original audio than it currently is.


and for Izotope RX too.

It is possible to use it from WaveLab 10 exactly as SpectraLayers.