Spectralayers keeps crashing in mac os catalina sl 7 & 8

I updated my macbook pro 2012 from 10.14 to 10.15 and all of a sudden i cannot used the said programs. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and same result.

I use a PC, not a Mac, so please forgive my limitations.

Maybe you should describe your setup and otherwise go into more detail. Are you using an interface? Does it require drivers that need occasional updating? Are you getting an error message at any point before the crashes? If so, what is the message? Have you tried unplugging any unnecessary peripherals before rebooting the computer?

Iā€™m hoping to inspire some Mac people to post and take up the slack.

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My setup is a MacBook pro 2012 8gb ram sl 7 & 8 elements and also use it with cubase pro 11. It was all working in mojave normally, I would be able to edit any track I put into it and the program wouldnt crash. If I try to use it in cubase or the programs themselves, sl crashes all the time. I tried reinstalling all 3 programs and no avail.

It is related to security update 2021-007 for Catalina. Apple broke the driver for Intel HD4000 video card with it, and many software became not working after the update. Steinberg Spectralayers is unfortunately one of them. I have the same issue on my Mac Mini 2012, and not sure if it will ever be fixed.

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Apple already got the heads up, EVERYONE said something about the update.

The only solution was to reinstall catalina from the recovery and when it was finished, I just didnt install the last security update until they fix it. I also spoke to apple and they have given the issue to the developers.

I pulled the trigger and installed Apple Security Update 2021-008 for Catalina. It was very long update with 2 or 3 rebooting. But it solved the problem with Spectralayers and I suppose with other apps that were affected by Intel HD4000 issue in 2021-007 update.

So all works now again!

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I downloaded the update and It fixed all the issues and also everything looks sharper.

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I appreciate the info.