Spectralayers layers mis-aligned

Hi, I’ve been using SL to pick out string noise (very successfully) from three separate takes in lanes, but when I drag the resulting layers into the project they are mis-aligned, within each pair as well as the original audio.

I don’t seem to have a choice where each layer ends up, timewise, not that it’s easy to tell because the floating notification of project time is obscured by the layer’s image as you drag.

Is this right? Should they start at exactly the same point as the original audio and if so is it simply a matter of aligning manually?

I could just try it but I’d like to know what gives.

There’s something else I’m not sure about: I don’t see the same layers appearing in the lower edit window for all three audio files. After I split the third in the list (06), only the display for 04 showed all three sets of layers. I don’t know whether this is a bug or intended behaviour.

I seek enlightenment!

Spectralayers mismatch

could you record a video of the issue ?

I’m not sure how to do that but what would it show that the picture doesn’t?

SpectraLayers timings before the drag and drop happens.

You mean that pop-up? I’ll have go but it gets obscured by the image of the file as I drag.

I mean the SpectraLayers interface before you start dragging anything : how it looks.
And then the Cubase timeline, how it looks after you finished dropping the layer into it.
I need to see if there’s a shift in time between before and after this action, or if the shift was already there in SpectraLayers.

Try this. At first I’m clicking on the original audio events to show the event positions and also how the lower window contents vary according to clicks and double-clicks. It’s too big to post direct:

PS: The left hand edge of dragged files is as ragged as the original picture.

Exactly! This is what I was talking about in the Beta.

I’ve stumbled across numerous bugs in timings and applying time markers and regions. It’s definitely more than misalignment.

I posted about this but because there were so many issues related to this, I just thought/assumed the developer would also find the many issues related to this.

In that video it looks like the dragged layers are perfectly time-synchronized with the original files in the timeline ? They all start at beat 31.

Refer to the original picture, Robin. They aren’t when you zoom in! :smiley:

I presume the dragged audio is supposed to align with the original audio event so if I snap to events then should I be good to go?

Edit: I’ve lined up the dragged audio manually and it sounds ok.

I know they aren’t time sync in the original picture. But the reason I asked for a video of it was to see the issue happening live, to have a better understand of why it didn’t align. Unfortunately the video doesn’t show that issue.

Yes you can manually realign them.

Hmm, I’m not sure what your after but maybe you can point me to the numbers you want and I can do it here. I wouldn’t mind knowing tbh.

There’s something else too. I decided to delete the dragged audio and work on the originals, which need comping. Rightly or wrongly I’ve quantised the original audio (I should have done it before SL) and now I’ve ended up with duplicate layers in Gtr_06!

I don’t know if it’s the lanes that are messing things up, but what I see in the SL screen is very unpredictable: sometimes it’s all 3, but at others only 2 or even 1. I just don’t know what I’m looking at.

And now the layers from Gtr_03 have vanished!