Spectralayers Macro possible?

Hi everyone…id like to automate a very time consuming process im using for a pos application where i need to extract dialogue from lavalier mics on stage (only a few words) but i have quite a few clips to do that to everytime (its for a tv show). Does anyone know if i can make a macro to open the extension and unmix stems for a clip and finaly mute the newly generated (music) layer so i can add a bounce to it and have it done quickly? Thanx

Have you tried a forum search? Also, have you fiddled around with the SL8 demo?

Yours is a rather complicated question, one that doesn’t lend itself to an offhand response.

Hi, Im already using SL Pro 7…i was jus just wondering if such a thing is possible either with 7 pro or 8 pro(so i can take advantage of the current sales). Right now im using it manually and a couple of serches on the matter turned out nothing…ill keep trying of course but i was just wondering if anyone is doing it…thanks:)

No macro support in SL yet… But that’s on the wishlist for future versions.