SpectraLayers Not Showing Up

I’ve upgraded from Cubase 10.5 Pro to Cubase 11 Pro and I’m supposed to have SpectraLayers under “Audio/Extensions/SpectraLayers” but it doesn’t show there.

Me too.

Mind you, I’ve not been able to licence it yet - due to the servers having melted - so maybe that’s why.

Where would one find it in any case - I’ve searched everywhere?

I don’t have “Audio/Extensions/SpectraLayers” - there’s no “Extensions” under the audio tab.

Is it me ??? :frowning: :astonished: :mrgreen:

Exactly the same for me …

Hi and welcome,

Did you install it from the Steinberg Download Assistant, please?

I have the same issue. I downloaded C11 with endless list of Instruments and contents and Spectralayers 1 should be installed. Not showing under extensions.

Turns out I hadn’t downloaded it :crazy_face:.

Did so and, “hey presto” - there if was - and it’s worth the cost of the upgrade!!

Me too :confused: I went back to Download assistant and downloaded it again and now it works. Wonder why it didn´t download first time?

So we’re supposed to download it separately from Download Assistant, but I’m not seeing SpectraLayers One. I see versions Pro 7, Elements 7, Pro 6, and Elements 6, but not the lite version. Am I missing something?

Its under the Cubase 11 download button on the left. Press that and it should appear to the right.


Probably worth to mention… SpectraLayers is Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist only.

Thank you! Got it now.

Also just downloading won’t make it since the Cubase 11 installer is only for the very core of the application. Hence, download and install and open Cubase 11

Thanks for this clarification, I had the same problem …But are we supposed to download other new features separately or was this only the case for spectral layers ? I do see other elements mentioned in the download assistant eg Halion …