SpectraLayers not starting when Merging ASIO driver present in system

Hi all,

I am glad to find that this forum is actually followed by the developer, so here is my first problem- or bug-report. Pleae find my system specs in the signature.

After installation of SL, an ASIO driver is selected, in my case the one from the RME Fireface UCX which I use for editing work. This works fine as long as it is the only ASIO driver installed to my system. No other driver than the RME is ever selected for SpectraLayers. However, after simply having installed the “Merging Ravenna ASIO Driver”, which ist needed for Pyramix and the Horus Audio Interface (but not yet selected anywhere, nor in SL), at the next attempt to start SL, the program quits immediately after getting into the main screen. (No other DAW or interface runnning!)
After this, it is impossible to properly start SpectraLayers. Once I de-install the Merging ASIO driver, SL will start again correctly. This behaviour is repeatable.

So apparently the resident ASIO drivers are checked by SL during startup, and for some reason SL is not capable of dealing with the Merging Driver, which hasn’t even been selected. In all other DAWs, this driver works alright.

Maybe SL can be fixed in a way that it does not try to actually load new ASIO drivers at startup which have not been selected by the user, as this can cause problems, obviously…?

It would be nice if I would’t have to keep uninstalling this driver whenever I want to use SL and re-installing afterwards…
I hope this explanation is clear enough.

Looking forward to a fix (or some hints for solution)!


Indeed SL does an in-depth scan of ASIO devices at start, but this might not be the best approaches in all cases. This will be improved in a future patch.