SpectraLayers One causing system reboot when selecting Unmix Vocals


Is it just me or are other people having problems with Spectralayers One causing their PC to reboot when selecting UnMix Vocals under the Layers menu?

Is this a bug or is my system overheating. It happens in both the standalone version of the program and within Cubase 11 Pro.

Thanks in advance

This is why I always wait for the first bug fix before plunking money down for the program.

Problem solved. I’ve just installed this and it has fixed it


SpectraLayers One is like Wavelab in as much as it can run standalone or from Cubase Pro 11. It’s an independent program but it’s easier to use integrated from within Cubase Pro 11

I have SL Elements and I’m probably going to upgrade to SL Pro shortly. Don’t think I’ll be getting Cubase.

It is not crashing if used within Cubase here. However when running standalone the rebooting is still happening as it is crunching numbers in the Unmix vocals mode

Update: If you run the standalone program in Run as administrator it is behaves better than without but still has a tendency to reboot your pc when you are least expecting it!

Needs attention!

I am running Windows 10 Pro 20H2

Strange, never heard that issue before. But yes, AI processes are pretty heavy on the CPU. So if you’re overheating your CPU, it could indeed cause a reboot - but that would be more a system issue than a software issue in this case.

Strange thing is I am not having problems running SpectraLayers One within Cubase Pro 10.5 or 11 (I have both installed on the same pc) but just in the standalone version now. So if it was down to system overheating, ram, display driver, etc…

I am running the latest Radeon driver by the way i.e. 20.11.1