Spectralayers One (External version) Issue with Export

Cannot get the export function to work with an extracted vocal mix layer in the External version of SL.
I receive “The File you selected could not be written”. I have tried many variations i.e. Solo, Mute, Highlighted, No Highting and any other combinations I could think of, with the same result.
Documentation & Video’s are of no real help and there are no other Topics covering this issue.
I did quite a bit of editing on it and saved it (.slp) I don’t think its accessible from the internal editor with Cubase 11.
This is SpectraLayers One 7.0.21 Build 250
Any Ideas would be most welcome. Cheers

Could you do a video capture of this ?

Hi Robin Just got the chance to upload this file.
Once I press “Export” there’s about 30 sec ish before the fail window shows up.