Spectralayers One in Cubase 11

Just trying to understand the relationship of the various versions now.

I bought SL6 then upgraded to SL7 Pro so that licence is on my dongle.

Cubase 11 version SL one I see is a separate installer as an add on.

With all the automatic decision making now in software what happens at Cubase 11 install?

Does it identify SL7 Pro as existing so does nothing with Spectral Layer One install?
Does it install anyway but automatically identifiers your version from licence and always uses that?
Does it actually provide you with a choice of which version of SL to use in your session ie choosing SL One if you are trying to reduce your CPU hit?

Can we get some clarity as I’d prefer to keep my machine as clean and efficient as possible.


To be clear, there’s only one SL installer and one SL software binary.
What features are activated when SL launches depends on the available licenses : Pro > Elements > One.

OK Thanks for response Robin… But does that mean the memory load is the same for SL One and SL 7 Pro. Surely the more features = more memory load, which is why some prefer to choose what to launch rather have auto choices pre programmed.


The memory load is slightly lighter with One, but it stays in the same ballpark.

Launching SL (before opening any projects) gives the following memory load on my machine:
SL Pro: 160MB
SL Elements: 147MB
SL One: 112MB

Most of the memory load will come from the actual project data and history of actions.

Thanks for response Robin.

Its this automatic “making the decision” for the customer which gets frustrating for some. Some users are trying to make their lower hardware specs work for as long as possible and in that scenario every little helps.

Another issue which i have with “intelligent” software is that for those of us whose memories are triggered by observational learning as opposed to technical reading all hiding of software loading activity from observation makes it difficult to troubleshoot.

Just a point i wish to make for developers to consider in their decision making, during development.

I suspect the software developers of the Boeing aircraft failures, thought they were adding failsafes via their auto processing amendments when all they did was confuse some pilots.


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