Spectralayers One - What's the craic?

So, anyone had time to try this out yet in C11? What’s did you use it for, and how was it?

Is it used strictly for repairing/restoring audio that you bring in to a project? Or can it still be used as a sound design tool as per the full version?

I’m really unsure on what it delivers.

Interested in knowing this myself. In terms of what exactly are the limitations compared to the full version etc.

Also never thought I’d see “what’s the craic” on the Steinberg forums either lol craic ar bith!

Ah thanks! Not used it before so i don’t know what most of those elements listed enables us to do, but i can see that ‘one’ is very stripped down.

It’s pretty much a demo without an expiry, and the demo is unmixing vocals - which could be useful for a lot of Cubase users doing dance remixes which is a lot of Cubase users, so, it’s a smart move.

It probably works as a teaser for the full version…

SpectralLayers One is comparable to iZotope RX. :bulb:

…but it’s more like a Photoshop with audio. I really likes this.

You can do restauration and sounddesign e.g. in Spectral Layers One - there are many tools in this for this task in Cubase 11.

great solution, great C11 update, Steinberg!


To clarify, SL One is not going to have the capability of RX. SL Pro, yes.

How good is SL One at getting to a near usable acapella then? i.e. let’s say i wanted to remix a commercial track?

Too be honest, I’m OCD enough with my editing that I would want all the other tools to do clean up after the separation process, but it’s still pretty darn good.

Dom does a demo here