Spectralayers Opportunities

I use Spectralayers 10 (SLP) every day as a standalone for voice-cloning audio sample preparation. In the course of this I have frequently had to use supplimentary software to provide reltively simple tools which shouldn’t be that difficult to add to SLP. SLP is an outstanding tool for curating voices, but I finally subscribed to Adobe Audition ( :angry:) for the many batch processing options which are absent from SLP. I really think Steinberg is missing the boat by not providing similar features to Audition for bulk modification of large numbers of audio samples. If Steinberg wants to add batch processing features, look to Audition as a model. As a better tool for AI Voice Cloning, SLP might be used by an additional audience.

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@Gregory_McCollum well, just wait for the big reveal of SpectraLayers 11 on june 12th, you won’t be disappointed :wink:


Hi Robin, could you confirm the Reveal date and time for N.A. EST? Thanks.

It should be shown when you click on the Youtube link, but FYI the reveal date is June 12th and the time :
PT (Los Angeles): 8am
ET (New York) : 11am
CET (Paris): 5pm