SpectraLayers overview and use in audio forensics

I recently had the chance to give a talk at the 8th AES Audio Forensics conference in Denver, Colorado about SpectraLayers, its background story, what it is, a wide overview of its possibilities in audio forensics using version 11, and how it’s been used in 2 civil trial cases in California.


Thank you for posting… Interesting topic.

Though I’m sorry, with the audio right now I find your (native) accent, coupled with the room ambience, mic characteristics, etc, makes parts of the presentation difficult to discern…

A perfect opportunity to run some special SL ‘magic’ to gain some clarity (de-reverb, etc…). Guess that’s only possible if you have the original video of course…

Bonus - maybe even generate some auto-text (subtitles.?) too…?

Though, might just be me… Maybe others think differently… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great stuff, thanks for sharing !

Oh, the irony … AES can’t record audio properly? :smiling_imp: SpectraLayers to the rescue!




Indeed.! Thanks @MrSoundman for the examples; with SL, good things can be done…

Great presentation on an interesting subject!
The sound quality in scientific conferences are usually not up to par but I’m quite surprised an AES recording doesn’t sound better than this; I too had to use SL11 to Voice DeReverb and Voice DeNoise to be able to hear without the disturbing ambience. But of course SL11 fixed it phenomenally.

Excellent presentation, thank you. I learned a few new things about SL use cases and workflow possibilities! Very cool. :+1:

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