'SpectraLayers' pop up on project startup

There is a project I am working on and I tried the spectralayers pro and now I don’t have it so everytime I start this project I get this pop up:

The project file contains ‘SpectraLayers’ data which is not supported by this program version. The data is ignored.

Is there a way to remove this message once and for all.


Remove the SpectraLayer ARA plug-in from the project, please.


I tried that with no luck. but let me check my hidden tracks, there might be an event with the extension there too.

Yep, there was a hidden event indeed.
Though I didn’t use the extension on that one on purpose , I guess I mistakenly selected it on mouse drag when applied the extension.
So I guessed there was more to do to get rid of the popups. Thanks for the heads up!

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