SpectraLayers Pro 11: Vocals Unmixing

I see where SpectraLayers Pro 11 is supposed to be able to unmix voices and it is shown in videos. I have a song track with a duet of 2 lead vocals and a chorus section of 4 vocalists or vocals. I can unmix the vocals once. But I want to do something similar to “Unmixing Multiple Voices”., but for vocals. First I would like to separate the duet lead vox parts. The 2 lead singers sing individually and together in spots. - Is this possible and how? I have tried many of the unmix modes and most end up giving me “Can’t unmix a group.” Do you know the reason for this? If what I talk about above is all that can be done. I am ok with that. The icing on the cake would be if it is possible to unmix the 4 vocalist chorus sections. - Any ideas on that? - Thanks!

You can’t select a group and try to unmix.

If you already have unmixed the vocal layer and wish to unmix further you must first select one of the new layers created within that Vocal group.
It’s a hierarchy where one group can contain layers and/or groups (that can contain layers and/or groups, and so on).

Thanks Marshall,
That adds clarity and makes sense!

On another note I think I am onto how to split out vocals the way I outlined in the OP. If I come up with something solid I will post the method.


I made some progress by watching a video on vox unmixing that can be found here:

The video should take your right to the section on “Unmix Chorus”.

A top level view of the steps I took were as follows:

  1. Unmix Song module to produce the full vocals track.
  2. Unmix Chorus was ran next and did fair job of isolating the 2 lead vocals in the duet from the backing chorus. But I deem the results unusable in quality.
  3. I tried Unmix Chorus and Unmix Multiple Voices to separate the 2 lead male/female duet parts. This came out very poor. There were dropouts, artifacts and more in the results.

I did not come close to the nice results that were in the video. But he was also not trying to split out duet parts.

My thoughts on all this are that maybe my methods are wrong? If that is not the case I am left with SL11 not being ready for prime time on this type of operations. I would like to see a new extraction preset module for vocals that works similar to Unmix Multiple Voices. Whereby you can tag a vocal segment and the app uses that to separate out the individual voice tracks, like one would see in a duet.

If anyone else has and ideas on this, please chime in!

Unmix Chorus is really for Lead vs Backing vocals.
Unmix Multiple Voices is designed for speech separation at this point, not for singing voice separation. That being said, it might technically be possible to upgrade it to singing voice separation, but that requires more R&D. As it’s, it’s rather for separating 2 voices in a podcast or interview for instance.

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Thanks Robin!
Yes, pretty much what you said is what I figured. I hope in the future, more consideration is given to vocals and separating them out to stems. It would be truly an incredible tool for my work if SL could do this.


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