SpectraLayers Pro 7 shortcuts

Anyone tried to create one? I did but no success. And no manual help or net info about.

Do you mean keyboard shortcuts ? You can customize those in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts.
Feel free to ask if you have any question about it.

The Shortcuts page displays all available keyboard shortcuts. You can use this page to add, customize, delete, or
restore keyboard shortcuts.

Select a row. The Action column displays a description of each available shortcut.

Use the Filter box to filter the list of keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you type Play in the Filter box, only
keyboard shortcuts that contain the word “Play” in their description will be displayed.

Click the value in the Shortcut column and press a key to change the current keyboard shortcut.

Click Clear to remove the main and alternate shortcut for the selected row.

Click the value in the Alternate column and press a key to assign an alternate keyboard shortcut.

Click the Reset button to restore all keyboard shortcuts to the default state.

Kind of you! Of course I’v been there and what I had: I type N for Register Noise, click OK, open file, tap N on my keyboard and nothing happend. Else I’ve tried SAVE — same effect.

I don’t see the “Register Noise” Shortcut area highlighted in your screenshot, maybe that’s the issue ?
Make sure to click the blank field (Shortcut column) next to the action you’d like to assign a shortcut to:

Oh my God! That’s what I needed! Big big thanks!

Now when Robin Lobel taught me to create shortcuts I wonder where the XML file with all of shortcuts is situated?

The shortcuts are stored in the following registry key in UTF32 format: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 7.0\shortcutkeys
However it’s not meant to be edited as-is.

You have a list of the default shortcuts here: https://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/SpectraLayers_7/help/Pro/_windows_keyboard_shortcuts.html

I asked my question so to moved shortcuts xml from one Windows(HDD) to another W-Hdd. I do it with Cubase shortcuts file. It seems that I must create separate xml for each of two SL 7. Not a global problem at all!))

Oh, if the purpose is to export your custom SL7 shortcuts to another system the easiest is to go to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts and click Save…
Then copy that file to your other system, go to the same tab and click Load… and choose that file.

Oops… I’ve read it but ignored.)) Thank you again!