SpectraLayers Pro 9 upgrade from Pro 8

I have SpectraLayers Pro 8 on my system, I think it came with Cubase Pro 12? It seems to be a full version, it has been installed and working for ages and does not seem to have any disabled functions.

Can I upgrade it to SpectraLayers Pro 9. The upgrade page says SpectraLayers One comes with Cubase but this is definitely Pro 8 - Have I forgotten I bought a licence? I can’t see it anywhere?

If you do have a valid license of SLP8 (which seems to be the case, but you can double check in the eLicenser software), then you are eligible to buy an upgrade to SpectraLayers Pro 9.
First buy the SLP9 upgrade, then install SLP9 with the Steinberg Download Assistant, and activate your SLP9 licence using the Steinberg Activation Manager.

I can’t see any reference to SLP8 license in the eLicenser software.

Do you use usb eLicenser? They usually come with a time limited All Applications license. SpectraLayers 8 could be running as Pro because of that.

Yes I do use the USB eLicenser and if I remove it SPL becomes SPL One. How would I tell if I have the time limited all applications licence? I have had SPL Pro 8 running for a long time now.

Run the eLicenser app and look for a license called All Applications.

Ah OK I get it now, so I don’t have a SPL Pro 8 license and therefore no upgrade to Pro 9 - oh well:-)

Thanks for your help.

@SRN2016 FYI there’s a special discount right now on SpectraLayers Pro 9 : Holiday Season Sale 2022 | Steinberg

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I’ll check that out - thanks.


That “All Applications” license fooled me and I accidentally purchased the upgrade to Pro9 which I cannot apply. The funniest thing is that I don’t even need it or know how to use - it I’m just a sucker for a sale. haha.