Spectralayers standalone constant crashes

I’m using SL as standaloine to unmix multiple voices from a 1 hour long podcast wav file.
It keeps crashing before the end of the processing.
I just updated to 10.0.20 and it didn’t fix it.
Any idea?

Spectralayers Pro 10.0.20
System: M2 Pro, 32G RAM, OS: Ventura 13.4

Crash log:
spectralayers crash.pdf (89.8 KB)

I’m not a very good crash report reader, but have run into this with various apps over the years; we don’t have the option of using DiskWarrior anymore (yet?), but system issues can pile up over time. Have you run Onyx from Titanium Software? It’s free, and very worth doing. My first step when anomalies such as this pop up.

And it’s something to do while waiting for those who CAN read beyond the first 20 lines in a crash report pitch in here. :wink:

Good luck!


@gorguts6 given the length of the recording, the fact that Unmix Multiple Voices generates multiples layers, and that the crash report indicates a crash while storing new audio data to disk, it might be because you’re running out of disk space during the process ?

Thxs for quick reply Chewy, Robin.

Seems unlikely, the project i’m working on is on an SSD drive with 740Gb available, and my system has 267Gb available as well (in case Spectralayers temporarly store files on the system, before exporting to the SSD).
I hope it’s not the lenght of the audio file, 1 hour, as it would seems very combersome for me to split it in several bits, process them, and then bounce them in one again.

Ok so i can do what i need to do in Cubase via ARA and it doesn’t crash.
It’s just when using SL standalone, which is counter intuituve for me as i encounted the opposite in the past, no craches standalone and issues when using in Cubase.
Anyway, i’ll still love to understand why i can’t do my processing in the standalone app.