SpectraLayers Upgrade To Pro 11

Hi All,
I just purchased the full version of Pro 11 before realizing I already had Pro 9 and could have upgraded for a lot cheaper. My records state that Pro 9 was purchased in May of '23 but I’m finding no record of my receipt and cannot find the activation code. I know I must’ve had one because Pro 9 readily opens when I click on the shortcut. Is there any way that the code may reside in the program itself for me to reference?
Thanks for your thoughts on this!


Log into your steinberg account. It should tell you what you have.

Thanks for the hit.
I did and there’s no record there either, although there’s no record there of Pro 11 of which I do have the code and receipts.

Try to start the Activation Manager on your computer and check what it shows there. You should see the activated SP 9 license in there.

No, there is nothing you can use. The old activation code is useless anyway, because these are one time codes and can’t be entered a second time.

That is normal, because the record will be created when you activate your product for the first time.

So you can try to see in Activation Manager if the license for SP9 is already there and, if yes, try to get a refund for the full license of SP11. After that you can buy the much cheaper upgrade from SP9 and activate it with the new code.

If you don’t want to do that you can, of course, use the new download access code (you got that in the mail from Steinberg) and simply activate the new SP11 license in Activation Manager.

When you got 11 did you create a new account or use the one you had for your previous version.

I used the same account I’ve always had. Everything else is in it going back to VST 5.

The activation manager shows only 3 licenses. I have many from Steinberg. The eLicenser shows 10.
I was only searching for the code for proof that I had a pro version so I could upgrade to Pro 11 instead of buying it outright. Pro 11 is already activated. I executed that last night.

So you have three products either added new or updated to Steinberg Licensing.

What do These entries Show? Is there any record that hast the Text “Updated to Steinberg Licensing”?

If not you simply have 10 products that are still on releases that do not use the new licensing.
Can you Post a Screenshot? Make sure the licenses Codes are blured.

Here are 3 shots, eLicenser, My Steinberg and Activation Manager.

How do I update to Steinberg Licensing? I thought that happened when the eLicenser performed the maintenance task.

Your Screenshots show that everything is exactly as it should be. Products that can be upgraded are marked as upgraded in the eLicenser and the rest will stay there.

For example Halion 6 will not be switched to Steinberg Licensing anymore, here you need to upgrade to Halion 7.

You can find all the info about this here


Other products in your eLicenser, like Cubase Studio, are not even supported anymore for years. So just keep the Dongle if you want to use them, for all new products you will see them in the Activation Manager

The problem is he can’t see his SpectraLayers Pro 9 anywhere, that he bought in May ’23 and would have liked to upgrade from.

Maybe the Download Access Code of SpectraLayers 9 has never been redeemed. This might be the reason why SL 9 doesn’t appear in the Activation Manager. The only other explanation would be that SL 9 has already been updated to SL 11. Otherwise, both the SL 9 and the SL 11 license would appear in the Activation Manager (not in the eLCC because they use the new licensing system).
Since the activation of SL 11 also allows using SL 9 without a separate dedicated license, it’s not surprising that SL 9 works as mentioned in the initial post. It must have been installed at some point, though.

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So, I’ll be able to continue Halion 6 and all the other programs including VST 5 as long as I have the dongle?

Thanks for understanding!

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Yes, that is correct.

I would think that if the download access code for SL 9 Pro was not yet redeemed, then it wouldn’t have opened, correct?

SL One, the version that came with Cubase Pro comes in 9 sub versions, doesn’t it? Could it be that the SL One updated to SL 9 Pro or is that possible?

You already have a License for SL Pro 11, which allows you to open the previous releases, that use Steinberg Licensing.

SL One can not be upgraded.

I don’t think there was a free upgrade from SpectraLayers One to Elements or even Pro, and there is also no such option if you want to buy SpectraLayers now.

If you are really sure that you have activated and used SpectraLayers 9 Pro with your current account before, you can try the following:

  • Login to the mySteinberg website, go to Account Controls and do Download your Steinberg ID data.
  • You will get a “user-profile.json” file, that you can simply open in a browser (I tested with Firefox, Edge and Chrome - with source code formating enabled).
  • As far as I understand the file, it shows besides some personal info a complete history of all licenses ever connected to your account. So scroll down to the section mySteinberg > DownloadAccessCodes and look for a date that falls around the possible activation date of your SpectraLayers 9 license.
    Unfortunately there is no plain description of the product, just a numerical ID (“1959” in my case), but if you find a possibly fitting entry, then you know at least that you activated something.
    Here a picture of what the file looks like for me in Firefox. The string for “accesscode” is the actual Download Access Code you got after purchase.

Maybe the official support can help you further.

Thanks, I’ll try that!