SpectraLayers versions?

When i bought CB12 it comes with SL8 advanced version and since the last update SL9 it becomes a basic version!!!
Fortunately i have the previous version so i removed the SL9 and i kept SL8 advanced

What do you mean by SL8 Advanced?

Cubase always came with Spectralayer One, which is the basic version of SL. This is not different since the last release.

Hi, you just have to activate again after installation! So: After installing the new version of SL PRO you will experience that each time you start SL it will fire the "SL ONE (Basic version as you call it). As soon as you activate SL PRO with the Activation manager things will work as they should.

BR, Ernst

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See my posting.
I assume he has bought SL PRO and after installing it, it does not launch, but the “ONE” Version does.
It can be solved by activating SL PRO (latest version installed) via the activation manager).
Cheers, Ernst

If he has used Spectralayer 8 Pro or Elements he can’t simply activate the Spectralayer 9 Pro or Elements via the Activation Manager. This is a paid upgrade, so he needs to buy this first.

Sure, I am aware of that and assumed that he as bought the upgrade. But you are right, I may have missed that he DID not purchase the latest SL PRO version.

I meant By SL One 8 Advanced is the Pro Version sorry if i wasn’t clear at first
Well the app is full of features Like unmix Stems and Audio Restoration Tools but The 9 Version of it doesn’t include those features

I Didn’t bought it at all

No, this is simply NOT TRUE.
There is the “SL ONE” Version (8 and now 9) - and there is the PRO Version (8 and 9).
THe PRO VErsions contain all the features - no features lost.
IF you have Pro 8 installed and install cubase latest release plus SL ONE version 9, the later (ONE 9) will launch- which gives you the impression of lost features. As soon as you re-activate SL PRO 8 you will be fine. If you intend to use SL PRO 9 you have to buy it and activate it. And remember: Each time you isntall the ONE Version with cubase you have to re-activate the PRO Version you want to use! Otherwise the ONE Version launches!

If you havent bought the PRO Version - how did you get it? I assume you just downloaded and launced it (maybe this is possible as a test) - but it will only work as soon as you activate it with your purchased activation key.

i don’t know how it happened may be i 'm too lucky

What does your eLicenser Control Center show about SpectraLayer 8. If you post a screenshot make sure you blure the license numbers

may be because i bought it From Sweetwater

There is no separate item SpectraLayers, but one that says “All Applications” and this has a timer, so it seems like a trial.

Are you sure you have working and not expiring licenses for SpectraLayer?

@JuergenP I’m very sure bro :100:

SpectraLayers Pro 8 is running off the “All Applications” license in your USB-eLicenser dongle. This is a time-limited license that’s intended for emergencies and troubleshooting.

Once the timer runs out, you wont be able to use it anymore.

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@Romantique_Tp i was using CB11 Pro trial mode via my USB Dongle and those remaining minutes belongs to CB11