Spectralayers8.0.20 won't start (at least visibly) on new PC

This weekend I moved over from an X299 system to a brand new Asus Socket 1700-I12900 system. All software flies over the screen (so to speak). Things like Sound Forge, Davinci Resolve all work like a verrry speedy charm. But Spectralayers8 doesn’t start at all. The eLicenser is installed, the dongle is in the PC, but when I try to start S8 all I see is the blue waiting circle for a couple of seconds. In the task manager I see S8 running, taking up ~61 MB and that’s it. Reinstalling didn’t work.

System specs: Asus ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming Wifi D4 motherboard, Intel 12900 processor, 64 GB memory @ 3200, Gefore RTX 3070 TI. C drive (Samsung 980 Pro) has still +400GB free. Running Wi ndows 11 Pro.

Any clue how to fix this?


Don’t know how to fix your problem, sorry. But, If I needed advice about a custom-built PC, I’d also post my problem at Gearspace, either in the Mastering forum or in the Music Computers forum.

Have you installed the Steinberg Activation Manager ? It’s supposed to be installed automatically by the Steinberg Download Assistant, but if you didn’t download SpectraLayers through the SDA you may have to install it manually:

Thanks Robin, that did the trick :+1:

Having the same issue on Windows here.
For me, reinstalling SAM did not help.
SAM itself also hangs up with the message “Loading…”

Attaching logs to SAM and SLP8.

Sad that this is the last remaining application keeping me from migrating to a new PC.
I would appreciate advice on where to look.

SLP8logs.zip (967 Bytes)

Did you create a Steinberg account for SAM ? If yes, disconnect from it (in SAM) and try again.

Hi Robin,
I haven’t been able to startup SAM successfully, so I would assume I have not manually signed in.
As of to disconnect (logout?), not sure how to do this. As mentioned in last post, SAM after launching does not proceed as far as accessing any functions. Attached screen shot of it showing “Loading, please wait…”

Ok, forwarding this to the SAM team.

Thank you, didn’t notice you were with the manufacture.
By any chance, do you know if an installer for the previous 8.0.10 is available somewhere?
I never had any issues with it, and would like try it, hoping it will allow me to just move forward with today’s work…

Yes you can download 8.0.10 here:
mac: https://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/SpectraLayers_8/8.0.10/SpectraLayers_8.0.10_Installer_mac.dmg
windows: https://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/SpectraLayers_8/8.0.10/SpectraLayers_8.0.10_Installer_win.exe

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I would like to know if there are updates regarding this case.
Surely the error messages should at least indicate which app/service is failing.

Previously, reverting to 8.0.10 has saved the day.
Now with the same issue preventing me from running SLP9, I am unable to upgrade, nor collaborate with staff who own only Ver.9

Thank you.

Hi @gyokimae let’s try the following:

  1. Uninstall Steinberg Activation Manager
  2. Reboot
  3. Install the Steinberg Activation Manager : Steinberg Activation Manager | Steinberg
  4. Reboot, and launch the Steinberg Activation Manager

Let me know how it goes, if it’s not going as expected please provide a screenshot of the issue

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Followed the procedure but saw no change.
When launching SAM, the window displays a message saying “Loading, please wait.” and halts.
Also copying logs below. This was taken 3 min after the message in the screenshot appeared.

[2022-07-02 16:48:57 +09:00] [info] ====== Steinberg Activation Manager starting
[2022-07-02 16:48:57 +09:00] [info] Mediator: initialising QML
[2022-07-02 16:48:57 +09:00] [info] Mediator: initialising QML – done
[2022-07-02 16:48:57 +09:00] [warning] Both point size and pixel size set. Using pixel size.
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [debug] component completed
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [info] Mediator: postUIInitialise()
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [info] Mediator: initialising SILK
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [info] License Engine isn’t running. Launching
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [info] Starting Process — START
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [info] Starting Process — END: duration 13ms
[2022-07-02 16:48:58 +09:00] [info] Sending ping to SILK service
[2022-07-02 16:49:08 +09:00] [error] NNSocket: ERROR: 138: Timed out nn_send
[2022-07-02 16:49:08 +09:00] [info] License Engine isn’t running. Launching
[2022-07-02 16:49:08 +09:00] [info] Starting Process — START
[2022-07-02 16:49:08 +09:00] [info] Starting Process — END: duration 1ms
[2022-07-02 16:49:08 +09:00] [info] Sending ping to SILK service
[2022-07-02 16:49:18 +09:00] [error] NNSocket: ERROR: 138: Timed out nn_send
[2022-07-02 16:49:18 +09:00] [error] ERROR: Error connecting to License Engine: nn_send

Ok, I’m forwarding this to the Steinberg Activation Manager team.

Could you bundle up all the files from %APPDATA\Steinberg\Activation Manager and PM them to me?

Do you have any firewalls in place that might be blocking network communications?