Spectrallayer 8 > Problem with "Stems Unmixing"

Hello all

When I use Spectrallayer 8 to unmix the stems from an mp3 file and work with it, I often have the problem that the unmixed audio file is suddenly used in another project / replaces another audio file…

Is there an explanation for this?

I suppose you’re referring to SpectraLayers ARA. What edition: One/Elements/Pro ? What version: 8.0.0, 8.0.10, 8.0.20 ?
If using ARA, what’s your workflow in Cubase, do you drag and drop stems from SpectraLayers to Cubase ? When doing so, do you tell Cubase to make a copy of the file or do you keep the original file ?
Then do you bounce the file or do you keep it associated with SpectraLayers ?