SpectralLayers 9 - no longer as "SL One"?

Since owners of Cubase Pro where getting the advantage to test SpectralLayers (7 / 8) in a special version “SpectralLayers One” I am wondering if with the release of SL 9 this is no longer the case?
SL 9 offers nice, new features, which of course wouldn’t be “unlocked” in the “One” version, but perhaps some of the advantages were nice to have!? :slight_smile:
I checked the download page for SL 9 and it no longes lists a “One” version. Pitty.

If you install SL9 without activating your license, it opens as SL One. Seems safe to assume SL One is now just a “trial” version of SL9

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@TiKkO8803 there will be a proper trial of SL9 Pro later down the road.

kinda less satisfying for me, because it has no upgrade option :frowning: same like Halion, GA etc

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I think I am right in saying that you can only open SpectraLayers as SpectraLayers One if you have a Cubase 12 Artist, Cubase 12 Pro or Nuendo 12 licence activated. If you have one of these licences, SpectraLayers One is a permanent entitlement.

As @Robin_Lobel says, there will be a proper SpectraLayers 9 Pro trial available later - Steinberg normally make the trial version available about four weeks after the product releases.

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That makes sense. We run Nuendo 12 as our main DAW and have SL Pro 9 and WL Pro 11 for the integration so that we can “seamlessly” edit a track in SL while working on a client’s project and save the time of closing one application to open the other then repeat to get back to the project after; then switch over to WL for mastering. And also so that we can switch to Nuendo and SL during mastering to make changes if necessary.
Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way so far. SL9 won’t appear in the Audio menu. WL11 does but no SL. Not even the SLOne that came with Nuendo.
I’ve been trying to solve that dilemma for 2 days now

@TiKkO8803 the procedure to use SL9 in Nuendo is described in the manual:
WL11 is not an ARA plugin - so you won’t see both at the same place.

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I know where SpectraLayers is supposed to be. I had Nuendo, SL Pro, and WL Pro all working together before upgrading the control-room’s PC and updating to N12.
The problem is that its not there.
I can pull it up within WaveLab but not in Nuendo.
Uninstalling Nuendo and installing again is not a good option because all of the preferences, color scheme, 128×128 channel routing and controls to map the console and Dante network again… It would take too long to set it all up again, not to mention downloading all of that data again.

Then I would suggest to uninstall/reinstall SpectraLayers, and make sure you see the SpectraLayers vst file in the usual vst3 folder.

Correct. If you move the VST3 bundle, the plug-in does not show up.

I got it working but i don’t recall what I did. I think maybe it was the license change-over. It wasn’t activated properly after they forced us to use the awful new licensing system.

They took away my ability to grab my licenses and pop them in on any computer I’m working on in any studio (a big plus, seeing as Nuendo is more of a “secret of the pros” than a standard). All these companies are about on my last nerve. I spent 20yrs intentionally keeping studio computers offline to keep them safe from malware and cyber-attacks. Now we have no choice but to open up and be vulnerable to the any pissed off rival or bitter artist that wants to create madness because they have a grudge with an artist working in our studio… I’m done venting now