SpectralLayers not showing in extentions

In Cubase Pro 11, when I click on Extentions, SpectraLayers is not there?

Did you install Spectralayers from the Steinberg Assistant? It has to be downloaded and installed separately to Cubase.

I cannot see Spectralayers One on there only the full Spectrallayers Pro 7?

You install the SL 7.0.2 which then gets restricted to ONE


In the download assistant if you select the “Cubase 11 Upgrade” on the left panel, it should be one of the list of things you can install on the right. It may say Spectralayers 7, I can’t remember but it was about 300mb or so.

Yes, correct, SPL is either in the Cubase 11 full or Cubase 11 Upgrade from the SDA
That one has to be downloaded and installed and then you’ll find it in the extension list.

I am also little puzzled with the new installation method they offer with Cubase 11. All in separated packages is fine but why not offer a main installer to help to make selections?

Count me in. I have the same problem and its installed correctly. The standalone works. SpectralLayers One 7.0.20 Build 249.

But its a bit different. Its shown but greyed. Cannot select.

Are you actually selecting an audio track to go in the editor , if not then it won’t show up

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Yes, audio track selected.

And the waveform is in the editor below ?

Try Shift + Right Clicking on the Audio Event and going to Spectralayers from there, that’s how I was doing it.

Thank for your help. Works now. Found it meanwhile also in the manual. Also never dealed with ARA until now.

Indeed that works. Ctrl click also does the job. Thanks for your help.

Fell into this trap too > You have to select an audio event and then it is selectable :wink: