spectrasonic trillian crashes

is anyone else experiencing frequent crashes when using spectrasonic trillian. i cant seem to use it for more than five minutes with out it crashing?

I had a crash with Trilian 64bit yesterday in my setup (specs below). Caused immediate exit from C6.

Yes I can corroborate a problem with Trillian.

It started when I absolutely couldn’t get a big Cubase 5.5 project to work (and save) in Cubase 6.

I decided to create a new, blank Cubase 6 project, then use the import track archive function to bring in all of the tracks in from the Cubase 5.5 project (such a nice feature, by the way). I ended up doing this section by section, to see if the problem was associated with a particular track and type of VST.

What happened was that the program balked as soon as I imported the Trillian bass track. The project simply froze up as soon as I tried to save it with the Trillian track enclosed.

Omitting that track, however, permitted the rest of the tracks to be successfully imported, played and saved.

Then I went a step further, just to see if I could add a blank Trillian track to the project. Well, as soon as I tried to save that project with the blank Trillian track present, the project again immediately froze.

I checked for updates on the Spectrasonics site, apparently I’m current in that regard.

I’ve made extensive use of Trillian – don’t quite know the next step at this point.

Somebody out there, how can we work through this glitch?

Steve in Chicago


I do not have trillian here, but I will let our Q&A check this issue. (28165)




It reads like the issues occured with Cubase 6-64-bit? If so, Trillian is available as 64-bit plug-in from Spectrasonics. Is this the version involved? If it was the 32-bit version of the plug-in, please use the 64-bit version instead.

I hope this thread has a happy ending since Trillian is used in everything I do.

love it…bit of a hog on my old xp system…upgrading soon

so, is it C6 or Trillian that’s the problem

The problem is occurring using the 64-bit plug-in.

No problems here using the 32-bit version of the plugin in C6 32-bit on Win 7 x64. I have not yet tested Trillian x64 on c6 x64. Thanks for the heads up, will check this soon on my system.

So this may limited to the x64 varieties.

Hi there…

We have tried to reproduce crashes using Trillian 64-bit with Cubase 6-64-Bit, but it all worked perfectly. We suspect another influence which is unkown yet. Therefore we need more information and confirmation of other users having the same issue. Btw, please make sure to have the latest updates from Spectrasonics installed.

For the moment we can not do anything more.

Reference: 28165

No problems here.

Trillian 64 bit / C6 64 bit

well i decided it was time for a fresh system and installed a new hard drive and upgrade my cpu. no problems with trillian in 32 or 64bit. no crashes for a week now very happy. probably the most stable system iv ever had with Cubase! my suggestion is finish old projects in 5 and start new ones in 6.

I used Trillian extensively in my latest track, which I recorded about 50% in 5.5.2 and the rest in 6.0. I used two Trillian voices–acoustic and synth bass.

Track is here: http://lightsfadelow.com/track/cold (have a listen!)

It worked flawlessly. All x64.

I take back what i said about “ugh…Trillian”

I finally ditched BFD2 - it’s like crawling over broken glass to get it to sound great and it’s a brutal RAM hawg (and i’ve used it in over 50 projects so I’m pretty familiar with how it works)

I’m currently using Superior2. Much more joy straight out of the box.

But more importantly, much less RAM usage. So not Trillian runs like a charm! Even Multi’s. Woohoo!

Just sayin…


Update – Finally Got Trilian Working in Cubase 6 (64-bit in Windows 7)

For me, the trick was re-installing Trilian.

To recap, I had a balky start with Cubase 6, which I had isolated to Trilian by importing Cubase 5.5 project tracks one by one and monitoring resulting stability. Specifically, I had repeated troubles saving a C6 project where Trilian was present (the whole Cubase program simply froze up).

So I went back to square one with a system restore (thank you Norton Ghost) to a state before installing Cubase 6. Then I removed the Trilian installation. Then I re-installed Cubase 6. Then I reinstalled Trilian, paying special attention to the 64-bit VST and its location, and did all of the Trilian updates as well.

After this, upon opening Cubase 6, I updated the plug-in information with the path to the Trilian 64-bit VST.

Then I closed and re-opened Cubase 6, created a blank project, and added a Trilian instrument track, going from there to open Trilian itself. Bingo. Trilian behaved normally within Cubase 6 and has done so ever since.

I can now open up my Cubase 5.5 projects, save them to the Cubase 6 format, and the Trilian tracks enclosed within those projects are ported over with no problem.

As a precaution, before I started converting C5.5 projects to C6, I made a complete copy of my project directory and saved all of the work in a separate location. This way, if need be, I can backtrack to the most recent state of the projects in C5.5, and access them with Cubase 5.5, which still resides on my machine. Probably overkill, as things are feeling pretty stable now, but the projects will be archived in their former state if I need to access them for whatever reason.

As for why I had difficulty in the first place, I can only speculate that Trilian experienced some sort of disorientation when asked to function within Cubase 6 after first being installed in Cubase 5.

Quite easily as well, I could have made an installation error somehow involving the Trilian VST.

Anyway, the issue has been put to bed and I’m off and running with Cubase 6 and Trilian. Love them both.

I appreciated reading other responses to this thread.

Best regards to the group,

Steve in Chicago

Trilian within Cubase 6 for the first time, performance was normal and stable, and has remained so.

I am using OSX 10.6.7 , Cubase 6 (32bit) , Mac Pro 2x 2.66 6cores Intel Xeon with 32Gb Ram.
Same problem while open the Trilian, it says "sample memory is not available (0.00gb) Before loading again, use Lite versions of Patches. or decrease pre-load memory size on System window or Clear un-used parts.
And seems Trilian is getting over 300MB ram (saw in activity monitor)

I have issues with Ueberschall Elastik 2 which crashes everytime I load it but with Spectrasonic , this message still telling me I can’t use the Trilian with my Cubase 6.


Aloha LLJ,

Even tho’ you are on a Mac, maybe SK Chicago post might help.

Update – Finally Got Trilian Working in Cubase 6
For me, the trick was re-installing Trilian.

Give it a try. Might work for you as well.

That means you’re out of memory, probably due to other plugins you’re using. Use the 64 bit version of Cubase or see the FAQ here: http://www.spectrasonics.net/support/knowledgebase_view_topic.php?id=381&categoryID=13

Thanks guys. Will try every possible method u guys provided. Really appreciate your replies.
Btw, Does it mean that 64 bit version of Cubase can afford more Ram usage when 32bit will stop at 4GB?
Is this happening to Mac as well?

In 64 bit mode the Mac like the PC, can access much more ram.

But funny thing, AFAIK that one fact is the ONLY advantage of using 64 bit.
Is that all there is? —Peggy Lee

But apparently the addition ram does help with big(ger) ram-intensive projects.