Spectrasonics ''support''

Hi, was following a video tut about Omnisphere and just could not find the patch/sound that they were using in the tut…tried all the search options, I’m not the brightest when it comes to this stuff and knew it was probably me doing something wrong so I contacted Spectrasonics support asking why I could not find it, the reply I got was…well maybe it was from an earlier version or maybe they made the patch/sound just for the tut…not much help really, the person obviously had not and could not be bothered to even check if it was available in the Omni version I had, so I did a manual search (which took me a while) yeah…maybe I should have done this first :frowning: just thought support might help me figure out why the search options in Omni had not found it…anyway, I found it :slight_smile:
so I replied using the American vernacular and told them I reckon their support sucks…
I then get a reply saying I’m a ‘‘rude and embittered customer’’ presumably for daring to expect their support team to actually ‘‘do some support’’
Americans are saying things ‘‘suck’’ all the time so what’s the big deal :question: when it actually does…’‘suck’’ :frowning:

they still haven’t addressed the problem of why the Omni search did not show the patch…

when I can figure out how to delete my account with them I will…was gonna buy the Omni 2 update but will pass on it…


I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. It’s not an insult. I wear ''rude and embittered" as a badge of honor (honour, to you Europeans). It takes a long time, and a lot of experience to become properly ''rude and embittered". The alternative is to be a door mat that people wipe their muddy boots on. Don’t be a door mat.

The proper response would be to recognize that support person as a kindred spirit, inasmuch as they were demonstrating “rude and embittered” behavior. They likely thought you were already a member of the club, and would understand the vernacular. If you’re not a member of the “rude and embittered” or “I ain’t taking crap off nobody” club, you can easily join by shooting a nasty reply to this communique. Then I’ll know to exchange the secret handshake, nod and wink. :wink:

PS - I have purchased licenses for their entire product line. The products are excellent. The documentation is very good. And I have been completely pleased and satisfied with their customer support. But if they ever accuse me of being ''rude and embittered", I’ll smile and say “Thank You!” :mrgreen:

I take your point, I agree the products are excellent but you must’ve got a support guy who was prepared to put his sandwich down and actually help…this guy just fobbed me off cause he couldn’t be bothered…
I met a lot of ‘‘rude and embittered’’ in New York recently…if that’s what you mean…I prefer polite and helpful… :slight_smile:
and did not expect the support guy to totally not get that he’s supposed to ‘‘support’’

best to you …Kevin :slight_smile:

Oddly enough, I am in New York. New York is the galactic center of ‘‘rude and embittered’’. Anyone that stays here long enough succumbs.

Yes, polite and helpful is good, but in short supply hereabouts.

It’s mainly the taxi drivers, they get really jarred off if you don’t close the boot after getting the luggage out… :laughing: :laughing:
I’m in NY 3/4 times a year for business and always enjoy it…not everyone is R and E

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

I was born in New york, raised in California …by New Yorkers :astonished: I guess that’s where my mean streak comes from …all in good fun usually :mrgreen: For some strange reason, when I meet New Yorkers, they can somehow tell :confused:

Hi As you guys have Omnisphere and Cubase, did you manage to get a midi control hooked up to the patch stepper buttons?
I tried to use the right click and learn cc method but no luck, infact no matter what I assigned the button showed up as having learned CC1 which was not correct. I am using a Novation SL61 MKii with Automap and cant get Automap to work with it either. Any suggestions appreciated.

It would be a pity if you pass Omni 2 by on these grounds.

My experience with Omni and other synths is a slight fraction of a tweak of a setting can send a sound off into another panaromic universe. Maybe they did not use a patch in the video.

Least, if you were coming at this new and were asked how to source an Omni Sound
that would be my initial reaction. There are literally millions of sound Omni is capable of, and so many radically ideosynchratic

The update does seem to be pricey to me. The ability to import your own wav files is VERY important. I was surprised that Spectrasonics did not allow the user to do this the first time. Its like they have simply opened a back door. Technically no big deal, but sonically very important.

The other thing that seems interesting is the new ways to source a sound. This has always been a problem to me here. How can the human mind make semnatic sense of the categories of sounds? There seems to be new and innovative tools. If you cant find a sound, you cant use it


I’ve always found Spectrasonics to give first class support. Of course there can be a “time-lag” when a new upgrade or product is released. Everyone is hard at it, no doubt inundated with calls for support.
Only last year I had some problems with a Trilian re-install (long story but my problem affected their pc’s too, so I’d found a REAL problem). The upshot was that they phoned me in the UK from the States at a time to suit me - now that is GREAT support. Even suggested I become a beta tester.
So, no, I have no problems with them as a company.

Very happy for you, the support they gave me was crap!!!