Spectrogram Supe vision poor performance

Is there any way to adjust the spectrogram scale in Cubase super vision?

If not, it seems to me that the information it reflects is very poor, even the spectrogram of FL Studio is 100 times better in definition, and also has a knob to adjust the scale, everything looks correctly there, being possible to analyze frequencies from 1hz and above Nyquist depending on the setting, also it seems to me that spectrogram from Super Vision it is not very sensitive and does not represent the frequencies very well looks cloudy even adjusting the few parameters it has, just compare it with wave candy of FL Studio using the preset “Wine” and it is easy to realize the big difference between both tools.

Wave Candy - Visual Effect (image-line.com)


Arne_Scheffler @Arne_Scheffler, @Matthias_Quellmann, it’s worth taking a look at this…

@Arne_Scheffler, @Matthias_Quellmann

Edison is same as Wave Candy both Image-Line products… Spectra Layers I guess is the same than Super Vision… so this comparison shows a good overview of what is being talked about in this topic about being possible to analyze frequencies from 1hz and above Nyquist with Edison or Wave Candy

Please click on the image for best visualization:

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In addition, it should be noted that the Supervision Spectrogram can only analyze from 50Hz to 10,000Hz, representing in a blurred way and the Wave Candy Spectrogram has a very wide frequency analysis range that goes from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz which makes it superior, besides having much more definition by representing with accuracy and detail the 2D audio display and the amplitude of the time-frequency pair, which makes it an excellent signal analyzer.

A spectrogram can help identify audio issues, such as low- or high-frequency noise, or short-impulse noises like clicks and pops, that may not be immediately obvious to the human ear. Spectrograms can also assist in audio classification using neural networks in applications, such as bird song and speech recognition.

Source and codes:

Apple Developer Documentation

For these reasons, it seems to me relevant to improve the quality of the spectrogram included in Supervision, if the reason to implement such a tool is its overall functionality and not as a “tool” that just looks pretty or fancy, without fulfilling its real functionality…

Wave Candy information:


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