Spectrometer Info

Is there a way to show the info (Freq,Gain,Note) in the Spectrometer with the frame hidden? It only appears on the top part of the frame…
Also, while we’re here . . does any one have issues in the Record window while clicking on the “Browse files…” icon? Sometimes the browse window doesn’t pop up. I have to restart the program, sometimes the machine . . .
V 7.01 Win XP…

  1. no, maybe a flying tip would be welcome
  2. I don’t know about this issue

Do you mean like a “help pop up balloon”?.. Yeah that would be welcome…


In SpectraFoo holding down command key creates a cross-hair with freq and level on their corresponding axes. A text display also pops up (and stays around after you release, and cross hairs disappear), indicating the freq and gain at that location. This feature is why I tend to use SpectraFoo, and ignore the metering in WL7.

The other shortcoming is parametric control of the meter. Foo lets me:

  • refine range of freq and level in the window, also adapt color range
  • displays instantaneous, average and peak-held levels simultaneously (really useful and critical for me as a masterer), in user-selectable colors (a nice to have I could live without).

With a few tweaks it could be a more useful tool. As it is, I’m glad it’s there (for when I can’t route to Foo), but don’t use it much.


This is already possible with the Wavelab spectrometer in the settings dialog.

Hi LutzR, forgive my ignorance, but where can I find this setting please? It’s just what I need!


If you have the frame of the spectrometer hidden just right click into the spectrometer and then you find the settings dialog under the functions tab.
If the frame is not hidden the functions dialog appears as menu point in the frame.

Thanks LutzR, but this is strange: I’m running 7.01, using the Audio Files view, but in the Functions tab on the Spectroscope I only have the Rotate option, nothing else at all… I wonder what’s going on there??

(There are Window and Global tabs alongside the Functions tab, but they don’t have settings either.)

Are you maybe talking about the spectroscope? This is different from the Spectrometer that I am talking about…

Ach, what a Dingbat! Yes I was, thank you LutzR!! My apologies… :blush: