Spectroscope Levels Higher in WL 9.5 vs WL 9 [SOLVED]

Anyone else notice the Spectroscope Levels are significantly elevated in WL 9.5?

I upgraded from WL 9 to 9.5 and noticed everything I listened to didn’t seem right in the meter. As a test I used the same track in the same spot on both versions of WL with no plugins at all and found that 9.5 had much higher levels compared to 9 (And older versions). Even if the meter options are changed the same option level in 9.5 still remains higher than what you would find in other versions. It only seems to be related to the meter because the audio is the same from either version.

Yes, but 9.5 is right.

That would be great if improvements were made to the Spectroscope which provided better accuracy. If this is the case then why wouldn’t the meters peak values(Vertical Axis) be corrected to (at least) compensate for the increased levels?

I mean I never truly understood the reason for this meter to have such an odd metric on the vertical of what appears to be -11 dB (Last marker is -12 dB). I have always thought this metric should have been 0 dB (Top of the Graph) as a normal meter would. Even with this graph always being at -11 dB in previous WL versions mastered tracks would never exceed the visible graph area(Unless things were really peaking). Now with 9.5 a lot of these tracks exceed the visible graph making it impossible to see the actual peaks of the bars. The concern is being able to properly use the meter at high audio levels which are loud but not yet peaking. Its rather hard to measure bars you can only see to -11 dB. I think if the meter was improved to be more accurate then the Vertical dB metric should be adjusted accordingly.

It’s true that I should have increased the top of the scale from -12 dB to -15 dB. I might do this in an update.
This being said, if you need accuracy, you should better use the Spectrometer, not the Spectroscope.

Same issue that I am having on my HP Z800 Dual Xeon - none of meters seem to respond properly

This is my exact problem. The attached screenshots are of a professionally mastered track and 44Hz through 180Hz (+/-) bars are off the chart (I’m using “Restrict to High Audio Levels”). This makes it impossible to know the peaks of the bars which renders the meter useless for those bands. I’ve confirmed that in WL 9 Pro(And all other WL versions) mastered tracks stayed within the visible range. Now in WL 9.5 Pro they extend past the visible area which shouldn’t be.

Issue has been Resolved in Update 9.5.20 . Thank You Steinberg (PG)… You Guys Rock!!!