Spectrum Analyser in Cubase's (channel) EQ

Hey guys, this is my first post in the forums so here goes…

I would really love to have a spectrum analyser built-in with the channel strip EQ (and also the parametric EQ plugin, which is basically the same thing).

Why? Simple. It’s extremely convenient to visualise the output frequencies when you want to EQ something out (or in, I guess), especially specific artefacts, hums, buzzes, etc. or just shape the sound to your taste. I usually have to load an extra EQ or a dedicated frequency analyser on the channel to help while EQing but that just takes time and wastes resources. I sometimes use a FreqAn tool on the master output and mute the channel I want to EQ but that also involves an unintuitive workflow…

Cubase still uses Multiscope which we all know is not detailed enough (plus it looks really ugly…), so I usually go for free tools like BlueCat’s analyser or Voxengo.

A Frequency Analyser right there on the channel’s EQ would save us from all the trouble so do it Steinberg!

Thanks, that will be all.

would come in quite handy, I agree, even though you should EQ with your ears, but with your eyes, and there are so much really usefull analyzers for free out there, you always can put one before and/or after the internal EQ with some three mouse clicks…

for these purpose I only use Voxengos´SPAN Analyzer in the sum channel to control the spectrum.
another good way is: trust your ears more.

But - fot the future I hope we have a very good Analyzer/MS/Phase-Tool/plugin in Cubase.

I would really love to have a spectrum analyser built-in with the channel strip EQ (and also the parametric EQ plugin, which is basically the same thing).


That is true but a visual aid is not bad too. Technology is there to aid, after all. Most of us roughly know the ranges of each instrument or sound, but sometimes you deal with specific attenuations of a particular VST or recording on an narrow band for example. An analyser comes in really handy there. I trust my ears but are you guys telling me that when you hear a hum or high pitched sound you immediately know which frequency it is? We all know more or less, but after that it involves a bit of experimenting with narrow Q and high gain sweeping (unless you have extremely fine-tuned ears which I don’t so…). Why not save the trouble?

Yes, I said that this is what I already do. My point is, since Cubase already kinda has Multiscope, why can’t it be redone and built into the EQ and save us from those three mouse clicks (try 3x100 in an big orchestral project) and most importantly, wasted resources.

This is like exactly what I said (" I sometimes use a FreqAn tool on the master output"). I even mentioned Voxengo (I didn’t say SPAN but it’s implied in “free tools”)… Please read the post and then reply…

Sorry, will shut up and won’t agree then… g

300 spectrum analysers!!! inbuilt or not would be a very big waist of resources!

Would be quite handy I suppose having a built in analyser in the channel, one you could switch on/off instead of the EQ on the extended channel view.

Or painted underneath the EQ plot.

Instead of instantiating an analyzer, you could easily drag’n drop the One instance where you need it, BTW…

Yes, that’s what I mean :slight_smile: Maybe I wasn’t clear enough actually. By saying “built-in with the channel strip EQ” I mean that you can see it in the EQ window, iZotope style. I wasn’t going for just an extra plugin that comes with Cubase.

Split’s idea above about turning it on and off is good. Off by default to save resources and on only when you want it. Perfect.

That’s actually a pretty good work around that I haven’t thought of!

You can put just one analyser on an FX channel and use Sends from each audio channel at will.

In Preferences>VST tick Connect Sends and set this all up at the beginning of a project and you can analyse any channel without Soloing and and with minimal resources. nb. Make sure Analyser FX return is not feeding main outputs.


yes, indeed, you can even use an unused studio send, without a VST connection to a physical out, can’t you?

Great idea :wink:

FR: Analyzer-Plugin with -> Sidechain!!! (why not?)