Spectrum Analyzer in Wavelab 6?

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In Nuendo 4, there is an option to select an audio file and view a spectrum analysis of it. you can view the left, right, summed mono or stereo channels on it.

Is there an option to do this is Wavelab 6? I would think there should be as its a mastering program, but havent been able to find it so far!

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…are you serious…? :open_mouth:

Spectrum analysis in Nuendo is very rudimentary, compared to WaveLab 6.
Have you ever tried the “Global Analysis” [y] in WaveLab?

Could we expand this discussion a little further, than the original …mm…question…

There are quite a few free analysers that prove to be more ‘useful’ than the WL tool set. I appreciate the various windowing options - very powerful, if one appreciates the mathematical compromises when selecting various window options; my suspicion is though that most of these are pretty useless for attempting to measure what effect the eq plug-in has had on that snare sound… for example.

This does make me wonder if there are any plans afoot to really lift the ante with the built-in analysers?

Fletcher Munson offset is such a handy aspect (MeldaProduction are really doing a great job)