Spectrum Editing: hear selected spectrum only?

As a newbie I’m happily discovering the various possibilities in WaveLab 8.5.

Now, I’m wondering:
When in Spectrum Editing: is it possible to hear only the spectrum of your selection instead of the entire spectrum of your selection-span? That would make finding that annoying whistle in your audience-mic’s much easier I think?!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yes, do like this:

Thanks PG,

with your method I can only hear the “selection spectrum” as a result from the render…
I’d like to hear it already before rendering, maybe included in the function F6/Play range (time selection) ? Is that possible?

Thanks again!
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Not sure to understand what you mean. With the method I show you, you don’t need to render. Just play and it will only play the selected spectrum (hence not need to render).

Then I might be doing something wrong. I’m gonna check it out.
Thanks very much!

Best, Niek / Amsterdam.

I was certainly doing something wrong:

I was playing my selection with the “F6/Play range (time selection)”-command…then you won’t hear the “selection-spectrum” only…but when using the “Spacebar/ Start playback from cursor”-command, WaveLab will play the “selection-spectrum” only…

Thanks very much!
Best, Niek / Amsterdam.