Spectrum Editor: Can you set a default

Hi all …

I mostly use the spectrum editor as a ‘de esser’ and for that purpose have set up a couple of gentle presets for that purpose. One of these is a ‘default’ that I always try first.

Once I start work on a project, I’d like to have the settings retained as I save and close one track, then open the next … rather than having to re-load the preset again since the editor ‘re sets’ every time a new file is displayed.

This is only a small thing, and I have probably just missed a setting somewhere … so, is there a way to have the spectrum editor open with a particular setting pre loaded?

This is not possible. This is by (desired) design. But I note it could be useful. I will add this feature in the future.

Thanks PG!

Great 4 me 2 :smiley:

I second that, it would be useful to save spectrum view as default

You will find the requested option in Spectrum Editor option dialog of next update.

Note: the preset menu allows you already (7.1.1) to set the current settings as “Default” for next time WaveLab is launched.