[Speculations] I think Steinberg rework VCA fader feature!

I think Steinberg rework the VCA fader feature. I’m pretty sure and positive that is the case.
They will make VCA-fader as an own feature instead of merge it together with LINK Channel feature we did have already in Cubase 7.5. Its great if they do anyway.

I have notice this after sending plenty VCA related BUG-reports. VCA-reports both from me and many other users never get investigate by Steinberg Moderates or the official Steinberg team @ the headquarter. I think it would better if Steinberg communicate with their users, and let us know their plans instead of let us wasting our time sending bug-reports that will never be used or investigated.

Perhaps now we can get a official comment on this matters? :slight_smile:
I will not send more VCA related bugs until they let us know what’s happening or if its just waste of time.

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Best regards