Speed problem

I’m having to try and fix a piece of music that is at the wrong speed. It’s a fast violin piece and should be at around 120 bpm. It’s in 6/8, but each bar of music has been spread over two bars. This is so hard to explain, I am sorry. lol. So, to get it to sound right, the tempo has to be set at 245, and of course the click track sounds like a machine gun.

I cannot work properly on it like this, but I can’t figure out how to fix it and don’t know how or when it happened - it was like this when it was handed to me.

The first 12 notes of music should all be eighths, and they should fit into 2 bars. But they aren’t - they are all quarter notes and are spread over 4 bars.

Here’s a visual:

Add a sig track. Set it to 6\8. Set tempo. Conform audio

There is already a sig track at 6/8 and the tempo is set to 245. What does “conform audio” mean?

Set the tempo to the correct tempo. I thought there was audio… If not, disregard that part. Select the loop that isn’t working and set the correct tempo in the info line

Just set the tempo to 6/8, then—making sure the violin part is one big clip (glue it together if it’s not), change the Object Selection Tool to “Sizing Applies Timestretch” and drag the end of the clip to become half the length it was. Just make sure the clip ends nicely on a measure ending OR that Snap Type is set to Grid Relative.

I set up a mockup of your comp. I went from this (quarter notes at 240 bpm):

To This (8th notes at 120bpm):

Try that out! :wink:

Its the whole piece of music that isn’t working. WHen I set the tempo to 120 it plays twice as slow as it should. Maybe what i’m asking isn’t fixable and the whole thing has to be transcribed?

Oh! Just saw your post, eng… i will try that. thanks!

Use time stretchy to shrink until time is right

My object selection tool has something called “time warp” - is that it? It looks like it might be. I’ve gone through a few tries of it and lots of undo’s. It only wants to go so far then it stops. I’ll keep playing with it!

That should be it.
What version of Cubase are you running? My Selection Tool shows these options:

Not sure why it’d only “want to go so far…” If that’s the case, then break it up into multiple-of-four chunks, say, 16 or 32 bars, and timestretch each of them to half the length, Then butt the start of the next clip up to the end of the previous clip—all with Snap To Grid enabled.

Ok I found the right tool - I just have to figure out how it works. The entire piece is 352 bars and its not just the violins, its all the tracks and there are about 30 instruments.

Using version 7.5, getting a bit stressed now so I will have a quick 7 hour nap and follow that with coffee, and sit down tomorrow morning and try it :slight_smile: I really really appreciate you going to all this trouble to help! Thanks :slight_smile:

I figured it out! You’re trying to do this in the Key Editor. You want to be in the main, Project Arranger screen.

You are right, lol! My morning should go very smoothly… thanks again!

Doesn’t matter how many instruments. It’s just as easy! :slight_smile:)

In Project window, after ensuring that each MIDI track has one, big clip on it (so, one clip for violins, one clip for viola, etc.), select all the MIDI parts.

Look at the info line above the timeline. It will show a number under “Length”

This will be the longest clip’s length. In your case, I’ll assume it’s 352. In my test comp, it’s 16 bars.

With all the clips selected (ctrl/cmd + A), and the Selection Tool set to apply Time Stretch, drag the end of any clip until the Length in the Info Line reads half of its original value (in your case, 176–in my screenshot, 8)

ALL the clips will be shrunk by half and will play as you want.

We finally got the piece all sorted out, thanks to your help, Enjneer. It wasn’t as simple as cutting it to the halfway point, though. For a while some weird things were happening like it only let us drag the piece back a few bars at a time then stopped… but we had been “tidying up” and filling in blank bits with blank parts. So we undid all that and then it worked.

I had to go through the piece and slide everything up a bit - the delays were logarithmic, somehow, so I had to be extra careful. But it’s done and we’re happy. Thank you again for all your help!

My pleasure, summer. Lord knows, I’ve been there myself!

Yeah, there can be a lot of little reasons why it wouldn’t work as simply as I outlined. Glad you got it sorted. [emoji5]